Fit Tip: Plan and Prep your Meals Ahead of Time

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Remember P.P.P.P.P! Sheesh that's a lotta Ps!
Proper planning prevents poor picks!! AND it keeps you outta the kitchen. I can't stand cooking sometimes so I'd rather just make it all on one batch and then heat & eat!
This was especially helpful when I worked (before I was a coach)Just knowing I had something easy to heat up was enough to keep me away from Chick Fila!

PS I made this for Jay- he likes everything plain. But when I make chicken for myself I use Season chicken breasts with garlic, onion powder, paprika, cumin and my new discovery Liquid Smoke!
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Healthy Clean Eating Tip

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

In my challenge groups, I have so many women who are afraid to OVEREAT. Instead of stressing about calories... just keep things SIMPLE! 

As Michael Pollan said “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.”
What would you rather do? Starve and as soon as you eat again, gain all the weight back PLUS some OR practice balanced eating. Eat whole foods without counting calories (& even give yourself a cheat meal once a week) to STOP the YO-YOing and turn this into a LIFESTYLE where you actually get to LIVE and enjoy food

#1 Spice up your life! I CANNOT be the only one who thinks veggies can be icky! haha BUT!! Seasoning is your friend & if you learn how to  make them correctly and seasoned those babies... I promise they will fabulouso!!! 
#2 Portion Control! Your protein portion at each meal should be the size of your closed, tight fist.
#3 Load up on Veggies! Veggies pack a lot of punch! Nutrient dense but low in calories. You can cook them anyway you want that doesn’t add fat (steam, eat raw, boil, bake, grill, etc!) It’s hard to get bored because there are so many options! 
Instead of counting calories or “dieting” just make eating clean a LIFESTYLE! You’ll feel better, more energized and your skin will look amazing! 
PS If you are eating on a budget, frozen chicken and veggies are SOO inexpensive! Especially if you hit up Costco! 

Beachbody Elite Coach Tip

Monday, August 19, 2013

Beachbody ELITE COACH TIP: Put your oxygen mask on first BEFORE helping others!

Sometimes when people become a "coach" they have a tendency to put their own goals on the back burner because they are so excited about helping others. I want to remind you that reaching YOUR a healthy & fit lifestyle builds the FOUNDATION to a successful business!
Check out the Top 10 Elite Coaches! They might not all LOVE fitness- but they set the bar and lead by example!!! They make their health a priority. Prioritize your day: Get your workout in FIRST and then you can move on to your other “to dos”. You'll feel more accomplished, inspired, CONFIDENT and speak from a place of true BELIEF in the products!
The coaches who provide VALUE...succeed in this business. It's not about selling or “getting people”... it's about providing solutions and solving problems. You change the most lives... I PROMISE you will make the most money. Your income is a direct reflection of the number of lives you have changed. But you have to start with YOURS!

I am NOT a personal trainer. I am NOT certified in anything fitness/nutrition. I am a girl who tried P90X and fell in love with Beachbody. I’m a girl who surrounded myself with positive, goal oriented people for accountability. I am a girl who shared my story so that I could help inspire others! It might be a lil selfish...but I BECAME a coach because I KNEW that meant lighting the way and leading by example. It meant...I HAD to finish P90X lol

It’s not about’s about PROGRESS and showing others what is possible! Start where you are, decide where you want to go...and take the first STEP to becoming that person... then take another step everyday thereafter! Eventually when you will look’ll be MILES from where you started, living out your dreams... Surrounded by like-minded, incredible people you have attracted into your life simply by BEING INCREDIBLE yourself!
If you ARE a coach, my challenge to you is to get your workout in and SHARE a lil part of your journey in the comments section!
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- Actively get in the best shape of your life.
- Be surrounded by some of the most incredible people you have ever met!
- Have the opportunity to work for YOURSELF and have the potential to grow a 6 figure + income.
- Be trained personally by someone who has already successfully done so...

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Fit Tip of the Day: Do Not Skip Meals

Fit Tip of the Day: Do NOT skip meals! 
Ever try the "starvation diet"? My results= no weight loss and a serious case of the mood swings haha
When you deprive yourself of nutrition, your body assumes that food is scare and hangs on to everything you feed it later with ferocity! Which makes it hard to lose weight. On top of that wreaks havoc on your metabolism- slowing it down and confusing it. (basically...good luck losing weight!)

Instead...try eating on a schedule. Steady meal timing helps regulate your digestive system, blood sugar and insulin levels, and appetite.
Some people prefer spacing their calories out in 3 meals...some (like me) prefer 5-6 small meals. Do what works for you! As long as you're not skipping
Think of every meal as an opportunity to do something good for your body- plan your meals and look forward to them! 

This might not be something that comes naturally to to get in the habit of eating on a schedule you can set the timer on your phone. This was very helpful to me because I would get caught up at work and hours would fly by. But when my timer went off, I knew that was pririoty so I would find a stopping place and eat.
Also, I love Tosca Reno's method of packing a cooler. This was a MUST when I worked a full time job (before I was a Beachbody Coach). Pack your meals for work OR if it's the weekend and you're on the go...pack some easy snacks like nuts, fruit, Shakeology, water, etc...It will keep you out of the drive thru! I tend to make bad decisions when I'm hungry lol 

Bonus tip! When you are planning your meals- make sure eat meal includes a combo of lean protein and complex carbs 
(Ex: Baked salmon, Sweet potato & steamed veggies)

Nutrition Tip of the Day

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Here it is!!! Your First Nutrition Tip of the Day! MAKE SMALL CHANGES FIRST!

Rome was not built in a day!! And neither were your poor eating habits. It has taken a lifetime to end up where you are now so be kind to yourself. Kind...but firm. Really consider WHY it's important to you to make these changes. Then set your sights on making small, significant changes FIRST.
Start reading labels. To make changes with yourself & your family, you have to be honest with yourself about what your food is doing to your health. You also need to have realistic start with one or two goals a month.
Here are some great stater goals!
*Get rid of all High Fructose Corn Syrup in your house.
*Veggies with every meal. Here is a great guideline: your protein portion the size of your open palm (not hand, just the palm). You can then fill the rest of your plate with veggies.
*Kick the soda habit. Just drink water
Set some definitive goals for yourself & then write them down. I can't stress that enough- you have to write down your goals for you to really implement them and take them seriously! Put them on your grocery list, write them on the door of your fridge, tell your family members too so when they say – Hey! Where’s the soda!? You can say – Remember, we’re not having that anymore. And tell them why. You are making strides towards living happier, healthier lives! Once you've met your goal for a can set another one. You’re moving forward!
If you found this helpful and tune in for another tip tomorrow!