What you should know BEFORE you sign up as a Beachbody Coach...

Monday, July 21, 2014


When I first signed up as a Beachbody coach back in 2010, I had that feeling in my gut that I was meant for this. I didn't know exactly what network marketing was, I didn't have a transformation yet, I didn't even know where to begin...but I had this feeling deep in my CORE that this was my calling and my purpose! 

HOWEVER...in my first few months...ALL evidence pointed to the contrary LOL

Ever start something new & just totally BLUNDER the whole way through? (snowboarding was an epic FAIL for me haha) It's tempting to just throw your hands up and quit...but if we quit every time we sucked at something...we would never accomplish anything great. Heck, we wouldn't be able to learn to WALK, TALK, READ or WRITE. Think about how horrible we start at with those tasks...and it took YEARS to master them.

Tell me if I'm off base here...but sometimes I think there is a misconception among coaches that you will sign up and just magically start seeing incredible success.
If they don't, they think they should give up.
I've seen AMAZING people question their decision to join and think...." WELL, I didn't hit the ground running...I must not be meant for this."

Building a business can feel HARD, overwhelming, frustrating...and sometimes you might hear that nasty voice in your head saying "Am I even cut out for this?!"
You might even have friends, family, and co-workers tell you to quit. 
In case you didn't know this: My first three months as a coach...HECK...my first YEAR as a coach was a struggle! I've never owned my own business before- I was so lost lol 
I calculated it out....long nights, reading, studying, getting on team calls, plugging away...trying my absolute HARDEST...made me an WHOOPING $0.73 an hour!
Easy to see why I had days where DOUBT crept in... but I had to quiet that voice by envisioning my future and letting my DREAMS of changing THOUSANDS of lives flood my mind. 

I truly believe we have a voice inside of us that GUIDES us. The key is so slow down & LISTEN. Build a BELIEF and create absolute CERTAINTY in our minds that it is our DESTINY... That we have NO CHOICE but to achieve it. 

When you BELIEVE it, your mind sets to work on how to ACHIEVE IT!

CHANGE and chasing your dream is SCARY… So scary that most people who try… end up turning back around and going back to their "comfort zone"
How do YOU become one of those people who reach your dreams?!
How did I go from CLUELESS to a 2x Elite, one of the top earners on our team & living a life by MY design?

Instead of focusing on the many reasons I may NOT succeed… I focused on the one thing I would NOT give up on… my future family 

Having freedom to OWN my life, make my own rules, be home with my family, alleviate the stress of financial burdens...THAT was what kept me going. And I vowed to make this work, even if my FAITH was bigger than my results. 

YES, following your dreams requires a VISION & a BELIEF. You have to overcome fear, rejection, build confidence, and show consistency.

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT and consistency are the two biggest factors in my success.
"Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe."

Personal development "sharpens your ax" and sheer consistency will get the job done.

You might have to swing 10...20...30...100 times but if you stick with it...that tree is eventually coming down!!

I'm not promising this journey is easy, I'm promising that if you keep your dreams in front of you....if you remind yourself WHY it's important to see this through...if you think about all of the people you have the potential to help....it will be WORTH IT 

Whatever in in your heart --- TRUST IT --- it's not there by accident! Know that you are WORTHY, CAPABLE and MEANT for greatness! 
Follow your calling, even when you can't see the whole plan. Over time, EVERYTHING will start to make sense and will see you were on the RIGHT PATH the whole time  

"You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great."
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Do you have a calling in your gut? A purpose you were meant for? I want to hear about it! Does coaching speak to you? 

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