'Tis the Season to Pay it Forward

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Meet my car, Hope. She an awesome 2010 Nina Sentra. “Hope” has been with me since 2011 (Earlier that summer, I was rear ended in a hit & run. My poor Toyota didn’t make it so I was in need of a new car).

Car shopping has always caused SO MUCH anxiety. To make matters worse, I wasn’t expecting to have my car totalled sooooo I did not have a single cent saved for a down payment.  With virtually no credit… the whole process of having to apply for a loan almost sent me into a panic attack.

Luckily, I found a great deal and my parents helped me with a down payment. “Hope” was all mine and I’ve always been so grateful to have her. One of my FIRST goals as a coach was to earn enough for my car payment and eventually pay off my loan as early as possible.

Beachbody has been such a godsend that I was not only able to pay off my little car...but I was able to cover my mortgage and completely pay that off along with every other piece of debt #CompleteFinancialFreedom!

On stage, shredding my mortgage!

This car has been with me during such a TRANSFORMATIVE time in my life. And even though my paychecks have increased tenfold...I never saw the need to trade her in or upgrade.

...However… that has changed. A couple of months ago, I met a coach on my team. A young mom who has been driving her son to daycare in a RUSTED, WOBBLY, SHAKING car. I think there is more wrong with this car than right- Basically an accident waiting to happen.

I knew this was my opportunity to pay it forward and give HOPE to a young family in need of some reliable {SAFE} wheels.

This weekend, I have to joy of gifting HOPE to this incredible family and sharing in the magic of Beachbody hehe

In honor of my team reaching a HUGE, MASSIVE, INSANE goal... I am finally be able to walk into a dealership and get a car without the anxiety, stress, trembling knees and fear.

#TisTheSeason UPDATE: Cassie came for a visit and drove her NEW car home!! I'll miss my little Nissan but I am OVERJOYED for her to have a SAFE car for her growing family!