Thursday, April 17, 2014

Developing your Brand: Beachbody Coach Training

Feel like you're struggling with WHAT to post on your Social media/Blog?youtube?
Feel like you DON'T relate to some of the people you are trying to help?

It's time to LASER FOCUS your message and your business to the person you COMPLETELY relate to ...and LOVE working with

Back in 2012, I discovered the most amazing woman on the planet!
My mentor (from afar) and BUSINESS GURU extraordinaire: Marie Forleo! (
I signed up for her B-School and she taught us this AMAZING exercise: Creating your "Ideal Customer Avatar"

It rocked my world!

You may have heard 15 Star Melanie Mitro touch on this topic at Super Saturday, but I don't want anyone to let this training pass them by!  DO IT!

So why should you do this?
  • Without developing your brand, your marketing will be very generic (and ineffective) 
  • You'll attract people you don't relate to & coaching isn't as fun. It feels like an uphill battle.  I, for example, don't relate to MEN who are trying to put on muscle. I would much rather work with a 25 yr old woman!!
  • No matter how hard you work, you will struggle to reach your business goals and won't know why
  • Once you identify your Brand, marketing becomes SO much easier & fun! You'll attract customers who are perfect for you!
  • You'll form a deeper & more meaningful connection with your customer & team!
  • When your customers feel that YOU understand them, you establish a deep level of trust.  Deep trust = repeat customers. Happy customers = a successful LONG TERM business!

This exercise CHANGED MY BUSINESS....I went from having a wide variety of narrowing my focus and attracting coaches who are just like me. It makes your job as a coach a lot easier, a lot more fun and gives you purpose because you know who you are trying to help!
First, you want to make a list of characteristics that represent the person you MOST enjoy helping! Who are they? What do they like? What do they do for fun?

Make a List! 
  • Age
  • Single/Married
  • Occupation
  • Interests
  • Hobbies
  • Personality Type (Shy, outgoing, bubbly, quiet, etc...)
PRO TIP: Really dig deep on this! What does she fear? What are her goals? What keeps her up at night?
Put yourself in their shoes! My customer is worried about signing up as a coach and putting their SSN # on the website. What if this is a scam!?!?
Knowing this helps me explain things and ease their mind. 

Think back to what you felt or thought about Beachbody before you were a coach or really understood it.
STEP 2  Create a VISUAL! Something you can re-visit and read when you need inspiration or focus! Check out my picture!
This represents MY Brand and my Ideal Customer/Coach.
I've named her Kaitlyn. "Kaitlyn" LOVES the beach, she's super carefree but then stresses about random things, she likes to research before she purchases but then ends up making impulse buys based on her gut, she loves ordering things online. She is an animal lover and would rescue every dog if she could. She reads People magazine but loves personal development as well. She bites her nails unless she has a manicure & hates scary movies. She's never been "Fat" but wants to tone and lose 5-10lbs.

PRO TIP: Your visual should really speak to you and inspire you! You might discover that your ideal customer is YOU! It's easier to talk to and help someone that you relate to! After reading your slide, you should be EXCITED to help this person!

 Revisit this daily! Save your image on your desktop if it helps.
I know so much about my Ideal customer "Kaitlyn"   I could go on & on her
. This person is someone I made up...but by creating her identity and relating to her....I get ideas for what I should post. I think about "What would Kaitlyn be inspired by? What worries does Kaitlyn have?"

This should inspire you! You should have pages of ideas for your website, blog, and Facebook on what you can do to help this person.
You should be able to create content that will not only appeal to them but makes them feel like "Wow! she really gets me!"
I'm able to create CONSISTENT marketing and a consistent message that ATTRACTS girls just like "Kaitlyn" into my business. Building a connection is KEY in getting people to contact you! 
Make sense?
How can you add value?

Think about what kind of VALUE you can add to this person's life. What can you give?
  • What advice or guidance can you provide?
  • What skills/talent/knowledge do you have? (Don't undervalue what you know! Something that seems obvious to you, might seem overwhelming and confusing to someone else. Example: Meal planning)
  • "If you want to hit the bullseye, throw more darts"  Creating content that builds your brand is a process that takes time and consistency! 

MY customer "Kaitlyn" wants to tone her legs, booty and I write A LOT about the workout that helped me with that (Brazil Butt Lift!)
My customer is worried that Shakeology is a scam- so I write about my experience and how I googled Beachbody and looked them up on the Better Business Bureau before I would buy anything lol 

MOST of this applies to the future COACH you are going to attract, but I like to take it one step further.
Make a list of the characteristics of your IDEAL COACH.

Then, RATE YOURSELF on each item (1-10)

If you want to attract that type of person into your business, YOU need to be the BEST example! Lead from the front! Your list is basically what your "ideal coach" is looking for in a sponsor! Look at your list...what do you need to work on? Create your personal development strategy around your areas of opportunity.

If you have meet ANY of my team, you will see that they are basically carbon copies of ME (flaws and all! hahah We have terrible follow through :P But we have BIG hearts!!)
Pittsburgh Super Saturday with my team!
Bombshell Winter Retreat! 

So there you have it...if you want to create a consistent message, REALLY connect with your customers and truly help FIRST have to figure out who it is that you want to help!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

From an acorn a mighty oak grows

It's Thursday! In the Beachbody world, that means PAYDAY and rank advancements (I know that means nothing to non-coaches...but both represent the number of people each coach has helped)

Today is a BIG DAY for our team- lots of exciting advances & paychecks...but I wanted to take a moment to recognize some of my newer coaches who are building their dreams brick by brick. 

Some of my newbies made $50+ this week...which might not sound like a lot...but to ME 3 yrs ago... an extra $50-200 a month was LIFE CHANGING! 
That was breathing room with my bills, extra gas money, grocery money, girls night money, pay a little more on my mortgage money. 

With this business, you start out small. Zero customers. But build one relationship at a time. You light the way and lead by example. You practice what you preach and invite people to join you on this journey of better health/relationships. 

You might not make huge strides everyday...but you keep putting one foot in front of the other. And one day you look back...and you'll be amazed at how far you've come.

"From an acorn a mighty oak grows" 

Whether it's Beachbody or something else...take those small steps toward success everyday. Let that little seed grow!

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Hey guys!
It's been so much fun opening our lives to you guys and sharing:
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    & other things I find funny, inspirational or pretty hahaThanks for letting me be a part of your life! 

I'm so passionate about (all of the above) AND helping others create a life of FREEDOM and live by design!
It's my mission to inspire, encourage and mentor others while honoring my family as my #1 priority.

If you are encouraged by positivity, healthy recipes & fit tips and the occasional puppy pic...Follow me and head over to to take part in the FUN!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Brazil Butt Lift on Sale!

Shut up! Brazil Butt Lift (my favorite Beachbody workout & one I think every woman should own) is on sale! APRIL 2014
Brazil Butt Lift Challenge Pack SALE}}}
As embarrassing as it is, here are MY Brazil Butt Lift results (weird quick fix weight loss companies are always trying to steal my results for their crappy products so I have to watermark everything! lol ) 

What can you do in 6 weeks?!?

Who would like to reshape their BOOTY with me? I am starting a 30 day Smokin' Booty Challenge that will be focused on firming and reshaping your LEGS, TUMMY and BUM BUM following the Brazil Butt Lift program!
It's created by the same trainer the Victoria Secret angels use! This is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE Beachbody program (as you can see from the pic!) so you KNOW I'm ALL IN!!

YES, you are going to have to eat healthy and work hard. Yes, you will feel like a total moron trying to do some of Leandro's dance moves. 
BUT Yes, you will have a smokin' hot bod & booty if you follow the program haha
I'm hosting a 30 Day Smokin' Booty Challenge which begins April 21st! 

If you would like to participate...Here's the dealio:

Bikini season is FAST APPROACHING ladies... It's time to TURN UP THE HEAT & get serious!

Here is what I cover in the challenge:
- How to create and live a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE rather than just a short-lived QUICK FIX.

- How to OVERCOME the SELF-SABOTAGER inside you and live your BEST LIFE


- GROUP camaraderie (people who are headed in the same healthy direction as YOU!)

- Guidance with your nutrition! (I give you the EXACT nutrition plan I follow!)


- RESULTS!!!  End the 30 days a BETTER, STRONGER, more CONFIDENT YOU!!! A foundation for success...and if you can handle it...30 more days of accountability!


What you need: 
  1. Purchase the Brazil Butt Lift Challenge Pack from this link. It will ensure that I am your coach to help you through the program! (On SALE April 2014- Get it while it's on promo! I LOVE a deal! hehe)
  2. Be mentally prepared to begin and give it your all! Excuses won't get you me...I've tried that method haha 
  3. APPLY HERE! The more I know about you and your goals, the better I can help! 

If you have questions about the workout, you can head over to my BBL page. It's still a work in progress but it might help answer some of your questions. If not, shoot me a message =)
Brazil Butt Lift Q&A Page

Monday, March 24, 2014

2014 Success Club Trip: Beachbody Cruise

It's here! The annual Beachbody Success Club Trip! 
I am OFFICIALLY in {{Vacation Mode}} I kinda feel like EVERYDAY is a vacation day because Jay & I adore what we do! BUT this time it's for realsies because we are going away!!

March 24-March 29 I'll be spending time with my team (and my biz partner/fiance hehe) on an exclusive BEACHBODY only Caribbean Cruise  

Sometimes this job doesn't feel real- everyday gets better & better. 
PS I just want to THANK everyone who believed in me from the beginning & trusted me enough to give me a chance. I too thought network marketing was weird and icky...until I fell in love with P90X and Beachbody. I had NO idea what I was doing in the beginning...other than sharing something that helped me.
It's easy for people to hop on board when they see you are successful (and I LOVE inspiring those people) but it takes a special kind of trust to help someone get STARTED. I have NOT forgotten about you friends! I will be FOREVER grateful and I love you!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Oak Lodge: Bombshell Winter Retreat!!

Ahhh! I am so excited {and blessed} that I am able to fulfill a BIG dream of mine: I am taking the top performers on my team ( The coaches who are so passionate about helping others achieve their fitness goals that they have made it their mission to inspire as many people as possible! ) on a Bombshell Winter Retreat to the beautiful Oak Lodge! 

This place is so gorgeous, I can't even stand it! haha We are going to have an amazing time SWIMMING, hanging in the hot tub and hopefully it will be warm enough to spend some time outside.
(Everyone from PA knows the weather is all over the place this time of year! ) As long as it doesn't rain, I will be happy! 

My team has worked so hard this year and they are my little Bombshell angels! There is no better feeling in the world than to be able to celebrate their success and reward them for helping others!! 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


We're ENGAGED!!! 

Beachbody Love story  If you're a Beachbody coach...get to the EVENTS! haha
Quick Recap! 

It all started in June of 2011 when I met Jay at the Beachbody Coach Summit. LUCKILY I was able to look past first impressions 
We didn't really talk...until the Beachbody Success Trip to the Bahamas. But there...we fell in love. After I went home, I decided to take a chance on my life-long dream & moved to Cali! 
Even though it seems CRAZY, Jay and I got a place together and started building our life in Santa Monica Before long, Baby Bear became part of our family. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect puppy! (She's just like her mommy  
We ended up moving back to my house here in Pittsburgh and welcomed another addition to the family: Winston!! He’s just like his daddy: Loud & smelly! 
Jay is my rock. My poop scooper. My business partner. 
He drives me CAAA-RAAZYY sometimes but he’s my big strong man hehe 
Love isn't finding a perfect person. It's seeing an imperfect person perfectly. 

Thank you for being a part of our love story and cheering us along every step of the way! Love you guys!!!

Danette Gavin Anderson THANK YOU for the AMAZING pics!!

Baby Bear & WInston! Follow them on Facebook!