Abs are made in the kitchen!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The most common question I get on a daily basis is, “How do I lose my belly fat?” or “What exercise(s) should I do to get rid of my belly fat?”
Have you heard the phrase, “Abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym”?  Here are some tips to reveal those abs you have been working so hard to get rid of.
Tip 1
Consume lean protein at every meal.  Poultry, beans, protein powder, dairy products will all work.  Protein is necessary develop and repair muscles.  The more muscles you have the higher your metabolism, which means you burn more calories, when you are exercising and when you are not.
Tip 2
Not all fats are bad!  The fats found in raw nuts, egg yolks, olive oil, avocados and other foods actually benefit your body.  They are actually necessary to regulate your appetite and the hormone levels in your body that are responsible for generating muscles and burning fat.
Tip 3
Stay away from processed carbs!  When you consume processed carbs you are wreaking havoc on your body’s ability to burn fat and are the leading contributor to weight gain, and obesity.  So, when you think about carbs and your food intake, make fresh fruit and vegetables your first choice.
Tip 4
Your exercise routine should include resistance training and cardio.  Resistance training builds bigger and stronger muscles.  More muscles = more calories burned at rest and while exercising.  Cardio training results in calories burned for energy.
Tip 5
For cardio training, Interval training has been proven to be more effective than standard cardio exercises.  Interval training allows you to burn more calories in less time.  However, interval training is not for everyone which leads to my last tip.
Tip 6
If you want to stay engaged and motivated, find an activity you like to do.  Running, walking, biking, dancing, going to a gym, or pressing play on DVD.  If you like to do it, you are more apt to continue to do it.
Be Great!