Failing Forward

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'm reading pretty amazing book called Failing Forward by John Maxwell. Although I’ve heard of Maxwell for several years, this was the first opportunity I took to pick up one of his books...and I was impressed!
The premise of the book is based on the age-old questions all entrepreneurs have found themselves wondering…..Are some people born to achieve anything they want, while others struggle? Are they just lucky, blessed, or possessed with the Midas touch? What is the REAL reason for their success?
John Maxwell has the answer: The difference between the average person and one that achieves success is their perception of and response to failure.
I really like the format of this book. Each chapter is a different idea designed to change your attitude towards failure. He’s included many short stories and quips that add dimension and even humor to round out his philosophy. In addition, at the end of each chapter, there is a list of your next steps for “failing forward”.
Let me give you an example of a chapter along with the take-away. Chapter 12 is titled “Making Failure your Best Friend”. (Seriously…my BFF?) He dives into the idea that failure is either your friend of your enemy…and the choice is yours. It is only YOU who can determine if you’ll learn from your failures and use them as a springboard to your future successes.
Maxwell tells the story of Dr. Beck Weathers, one of the people on Mount Everest during a 1996 blizzard that cost 12 people their lives. Beck Weathers was quoted as saying: “I’m probably a much happier person now having gone through what I’ve gone through. I have a different set of priorities. You never know who you are and what you are until you’ve really been tested. You gain a whole lot more from having failure kicked up from around your ears than success could ever teach you.”
Fortunately for us, we don’t have to be left for dead on top of the world’s highest mountain to learn how to make failure our friend. We can do it from the safety of our own home….all that’s required is the right attitude.
To turn losses into profits, ask the following questions every time you face adversity (these are your steps to failing forward)
Analyze a recent failure using the questions outlined in the chapter.
1. What caused the failure: the situation, someone else, or self?
2. Was what happened truly a failure, or did I just fall short?
3. What successes are contained in the failure?
4. What can I learn from what happened?
5. Am I grateful for the experiecne?
6. How can I turn this into a success?
7. Who can help me with this issue?
8. Where do I go from here?
The final thing I loved about this book was how many amazing quotes I wrote down from this book! It's an easy read (200 pages) and is well worth the time! Pick it up at the library or order it on the internet. If you’ve read it……please share with us your insights on the book or just how you’ve learned to FAIL FORWARD!
by Ann Web