Oh Lunges & Squats how I hate...love...hate...love you......

Thursday, February 17, 2011

For some reason, if I don't start my workouts with abs...I just never seem to get to them. Awhile back I decided that abs come first, and the rest will seem easy. Until I decide to do abs before Plyo that is lol

Tonight after my Ab Ripper X and Brazilian BL, I decided summer is coming so why not throw in a little Plyometrics. Ummmm holy cow, every time I do that workout I forget how INTENSE it is. My legs were literally shaking, and I know tomorrow is going to be rough. Definitely licking every last drop of my recovery drink out of the cup lol

Yes it's intense and yes it's hard and one point I thought my heart was going to beat out of my chest....but what keeps me coming back for more?

#1 Even though I am completely drained physically...I feel AMAZING. The sense of accomplishment is like none other

#2 I have a guilty pleasure....every time I work my legs hard...I have to take a few minutes to walk around my house in heels
and admire my progress.  Lunges and squats...you are the devil....but you make my legs look so toned! I think I'll forgive you :)

Hope everyone had a great workout today!! Time for my P90X Recovery drink and then it's Thursday...soooo yayyyy Jersey Shore!!