I just burned 1253cal in an hour

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Jump Knee Tuck

Ladies, if you used to be like me and run religiously on the treadmill...please stop! I just burned 1253 calories in an hour doing P90X Plyometrics.  I am sweating, tingling, and was scared I wasn't going to make the last 20 minutes...but I also feel energized, elated, and accomplished!
How many calories are you burning?  If I ran for an hour between 5 -6 mph I would have only burned 463 calories!!! Ummm no thanks...not only is that boring but I would have only burned 37% of what I burned during plyo! Be efficient with your time and work in the right heart rate zone for you. For me if looks like this:

Target Beats per Min
Recovery Zone 110-130
Temperate Zone 130-150
Aerobic Zone 150-170
Threshold Zone 170-190
Redline Zone 190-200

Rock Star Hop