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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Just have to share my professional business lady pic! I am procrastinating lol I haven't been sleeping well the last couple of I have not been "bringing it" as much as I want to during my workouts. Def taking some Jack3d tonight to get myself energized!!!
I AM growing to love yoga more...but sometimes I feel like I need to treat myself with some new I went out and got a brand spanking new yoga mat and this cool yoga towel.  I figured since I am going to be taking a hot yoga class next month, I might as well prepare. I'll let you know how the new mat works out tonight, and I am def taking my Shakeology contest picture tonight! Hope everyone has a great workout!!!
And I just want to give a HUGE hug to Erika, Jackie, Jess, Alexis, Maria, Mauri, and Ashton for inspiring ME, motivating ME, and truly getting me excited all over again about my commitment to my health and helping those around me.  I am SOOO grateful and happy that you were all put in my path!! And yay for the new Bombshell Support Group!! Let's keep sharing and helping each other achieve our goals!!

Day 27- Yoga X

Workout complete! And can I just say WOW what a difference that new yoga mat made!! I wasn't sure if I should spend the extra money and get one a little nicer, but I am so glad I did. The stickiness of the mat made it easier to hold the poses and more enjoyable actually. And it was so cushiony!!

So if you want those new running shoes, yoga mat, or new sports bra- I say go get it! I felt guilty for buying it at first, but it made my night and my workout sooo much more enjoyable. It was like I got to play with a new toy lol
Night everyone!! <3

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