Shakeology Cleanse!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Special Treat tomorrow!!! My guest blogger is down OVER 3 lbs on Day TWO of the 3 day shakeology cleanse!! I am sooo proud of her! I have 3 cleanses left- so msg me if you want one asap. They go fast!! And if you order Shakeology on get a present from yours truly!!

If you want to read about how you do the here :)


I just HAVE to share this with you guys because I was so happy when I got this message from her!!

"this morning while i was getting ready for work i was thinking about how one of the greatest things about the cleanse is that it eliminates my cravings (esp for sugar, carbs, etc) i think one key thing will be to make sure those really stay out of my diet post-cleanse so that i don't trigger the cravings again (i suppose that's accomplished by eating clean :) ). i also realized that i never, ever feel as awesome after a big or cheat meal than i do after an amazing/intense workout or after my pants slide on just a little easier! that realization motivated me to really push forward hard with this and not let others tempt me into being bad as frequently as they have been able to in the past!"

This is what it's about ladies and gentlemen.  She is making some serious changes in her life and feeling GOOD about them. Eating right and working out is not's a priveledge.  Just ask Tricia who WANTS to work out but is having knee problems. It is a LUXURY- don't waste it because you are only denying yourself those feel good endorphines!! 

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What makes Shakeology so awesome? I could go on and on all day about it, but I'll let the video do the talking lol I love that I have access to foods I never would have before...or if I did they would cost an arm and a leg...thanks BB!!