Did someone say Party?!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I love any excuse to A) get together with friends and new faces B) talk about health and fitness C) Try and EAT new delicious recipes! SO I am beyond excited about our upcoming Beachbody Open House Event April 17th!!!  Since summer is quickly approaching and Victoria Secret keeps sending out Swimsuit catalogs- I am even more motivated to keep up with my workouts! And I know that everyone has upcoming trips...since we are all working out and trying to get fit, we might as well do it together!! 
I always want to share my P90X journey and weight loss success with everyone because there is something about being able to brag about it that gives you that extra push on the days that you are sweating like a crazy person and you just want to sit on the coach lol I just love that I can help change my life and others with the help of my friends!! <3

So, if you are in the Pittsburgh area and want to join us, let me know! We are getting everything ready to start our weekly Fit Club as well- so we will be going over the details of that!