Tips for you guys!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Want to be success and meet your goals? All you need to do is clean up your eating and start opting for nutritious healthy food. I cut out all the processed foods, grain based carbs, dairy, alcohol & artificial sweeteners and got back into my fitness, I also started to make short term and long term goals with my training and my life in general.

Here are some Motivational Tips which should help you on the road to success with your weight loss.

Motivation Tip 1. List all your reasons for wanting to lose weight, or stay healthy and slim. Add more reasons to your list as you think of them. Make reading your list the first thing you do in the morning.

Motivation Tip 2. Sustain motivation by making getting to your target weight believable. Visualise success. How will you look when you lose weight? How will you feel? What will you be wearing? How will your clothes feel on you? What will people be saying to you? What will you be saying? What will you be doing? Spend 5 minutes a day imagining and enjoying your future success.

Motivation Tip 3. If you have a lot of weight to lose it can be hard to sustain your focus. If that is the case, plan some activities throughout the year that you would like to be slim for. Eg. Birthdays, weekends away, holidays.

Motivation Tip 4. Boost your weight loss motivation by promising yourself a treat when you reach your goals. Whether it’s a trip to the Hair Salon or a new pair of shoes. And each time your make a healthy choice with food, make sure you tell yourself that you’re doing great, because you are!

Motivation Tip 5. Take a picture of yourself in your swimsuit at the start of your program. Each month take another picture wearing the same thing. Feel your weight loss motivation sore as the swimsuit gets baggy while you shrink.