Why you should start P90X today

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kristin just shared this with me, and I started to think about how powerful the act of making positive changes is. I was JUST blogging about blown away I am by the ripple effect of me ordering P90X. I inspired someone and now she is inspiring people....and hopefully it will just continue and continue!! So without further ado...here is her message:

I just got this message from someone that I have been friends with since pre-school. She messaged me back when I started coaching and asked me about Beachbody, and said that she had P90X...well, her and I have been messaging back and forth since then, and because of me being so excited about it, she started doing P90X and living a healthier lifestyle.
Well she just sent me this message...and it put the biggest smile on my face, because if I would have NEVER started coaching, she would have NEVER experienced this...P90X was sitting in her closet...anyway...here it is :)
"Hey!! Just finished yoga x! I didn't want to try it at first but I am so happy I did!! Loved it! I feel stupid tying this but tears were coming out at one point cause I just felt so relaxed and happy. I was proud of myself at some of the moves I thought I wouldn't be able to do! Just had to share that with you. I might look for that cookbook u said u use. Where did u get it??"

She made my day :)

Are you ready to change lives? THIS is exactly why I am a Beachbody coach. I love it!!

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