Hear it from the Dynasty! Why they love coaching!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Met some of the Team!

How has coaching made a difference in the lives in Dynasty members?
What do they love most about it?

  • Inspiring family to workout! -Abby Fix
  • It gives me more time with my family! -Scottie Hobbs
  • Touching other people's lives! -Jennifer Bradley Greenberg
  • Helping my family financially- Laurel Hedden
  • Keeps her accountable to her workouts -Ryann Paul
  • Being able to help my family financially & still spend lots of time with them! -Amanda Allen
  • Set an example for her daughter to go after your dreams! And help people reach their full potential in life! -Lindsay Matway
  • Being accountable for my (and others) health and fitness and being able to be a stay-at-home mom -Jennifer McKenzie
  • Believing in myself, becoming a better mother & providing a good example for them -Megan G
  • Keep me accountable to my fitness goals, led me to dream BIG & realized that by working towards my goals in life- I can inspire others to do just that!  -Me
  • What are your DREAMS?
  • Being around so much positive energy, which changed me from a listless downer to a high energy positive person, that overflows to those around me. Truly changed me completely, in the best way! Those closest to me have said they've seen the change & like the new me even better :o) It's also, most importantly, given me the ability to believe in myself..for real, & finally given me a drive & something to DO in life. A way to give back, to do what I love, better myself, and help & inspire those around me...all while being able to work towards make a living doing it! -Markie Reeves