How I got here....

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Someone emailed me last night asking how I got my bod and I thought I would share my response. I think it's important that everyone knows that I DID stumble....I was NOT perfect. I missed workouts, ate chocolate, got frustrated, screamed at Tony....BUT I kept at it. I KEPT making small changes and now I will NEVER go back to the person I was. I refused to live my life like that. So this is how I went from failing P90X FOUR completing it and helping others do the same....

Just remember that it's not about being perfect- It’s okay to stumble. When you reach for great things you WILL stumble; just be sure to learn from it & move on. Start your day with PASSION, Visualize your goal, be patient & realistic, trust the process and we will ALL succeed!
Ok so when I first started I was 130lbs and Im 5' 3"  I was NOT happy AT ALL.  I was almost in a size 8 and Im short so it just wasn't a good look lol.  I got P90X but I was afraid to start it.  It actually sat in my closet (out of site! I didn't even want to look at it lol) for about a year. I decided to start with Brazil Butt Lift to ease into the workouts and did that for a month. When I started P90X, I was worried I wasn't going to stick with it, so I signed up as a Beachbody Coach. I also got Shakeology (yummy!!) to maximize my results! I took my Day 1 pics and posted them on Youtube. Possibly the MOST embarrassing thing I have EVER done lol But I wanted to be accountable. 

I really used the support group (this is actually before we created the Facebook group- so it was all emails).  I absorbed everything I could about nutrition and started preparing all of my meals for the week on Sunday. (#1 tip for success!! Seriously, it works!!)
Then I HAD to stick to the workouts because I started to get messages on Youtube about when my next results pics were coming out. Being a coach really helped because I HAD to find the answers for everyone- so I learned a ton. 
Once I finished P90X, I just kept at it. I dont think I;ll ever quit,. I never want to go back to the way I was. Now dont get me was a process and I def wasnt perfect. It was baby steps.  I couldnt always do the workouts, or finish the complete workout but I kept at it. I couldn't ALWAYS prep my meals and I didnt always make the best decisions...but I kept at it.   
Now I can say that I am HAPPIER than I have EVER been. Not only have I accomplished my goals, but I am helping others do the same. It is the most rewarding process. Regaining your confidence about your body propels you in ALL aspects of your life. It's about building the life you want! 
Don't short change yourself. Don't keep living in the past- Make a decision, draw a line in the sand and DON"T FAIL. Don't mistake a stumble for failure. Trust in yourself! Believe in yourself and make it happen. Wake up in the morning and KNOW you are working toward the BEST version of YOU. 

I intend to have the exact life I want... and tomorrow I will continue to build it... with fierce passion and commitment and passion! Are you in???

Commit to yourself! I'll be here to help you! If you want me to be your coach for free- go here!