How to Survive P90X

Monday, May 9, 2011

I started and stopped P90X FOUR times before I finally stuck with it! I never thought I would survive it for a whole week....much less the entire 90 days! But there is no greater feeling than getting to Day 90...knowing you gave it your all! But I digress...want to survive it? here are some tips for ya!

1. Support! Tell your friends and family that you are making a commitment to your health and you would like them to support your decision to a healthier, happier you! Sometimes getting support from those in your life is actually harder than you would think! I experienced this myself....and it was very difficult. Thankfully, I had my online support group and developed friendships that will last a lifetime. There is nothing quite like having support from people who understand EXACTLY what you are going through because they are on the same journey. They held me accountable, they encouraged me, they inspired me! Join the Bombshell Dynasty and surround yourself with positive energy, great friends, and success! The best part? Unlike other groups like Weight Watchers etc...this is completely free! 

2. Ease into it. Sometimes when you decide to take on a high intensity workout routine, that you have to do 6 days a week, it might get a little overwhelming, especially if you haven’t exercised for a while. I think it’s better to start with 5-10/15-minute mini-workouts. It’s something that is easy enough to do for almost anyone. It gives you a sense of accomplishment and pleasure form the exercise without making you feel miserable, because you aren’t fit. Some people though, believe that it’s either all or nothing. This strategy doesn't work for them. However, I started with a few minutes of cardio on an elliptical every day, until I felt strong enough to graduate to the big dogs, i.e. P90X.

3. “Modify, modify, modify.” Here I am going to repeat the words of the P90X creator, Tony Horton. It’s better to do it half way, than not to do it at all. Many times in the past I found myself in the middle of a workout, when it would get really tough, I and wanted to stop half way in. What helps me through times like these is Modifying. Don’t feel like if you are not doing everything, your muscles aren’t working. They are, and very hard, trust me. Your body is going to thank you for every chance you give it. So, give it chance to get better with time. Getting to the end of a routine feels really good, compared to stopping in the middle and feeling crappy about yourself.

4. Pump up your nutrition. I’m sure it’s something that I don’t even have to talk about. But just for the sake of it, I am going to repeat this commandment: Thou shall not under nourish thy self while working out. Go for more nutritious food, like whole grains, sprouted bread, green leafy vegetables, fruit, lean meat (or if you are a vegetarian, more green leafy vegetables, like spinach), foods that speed up your metabolism, like coconut oil; etc. P90x is a very intense workout, so you are gonna need a lot of energy. 

5. A little green help. Who knew, that a juicer is your new best friend?  Making fresh vegetable juice twice a day is going to give you so much more energy for your workouts than you can ever imagine. You are going to jump higher and move faster. A simple recipe: juice carrots, 1 apple, celery, ginger, and one more secret ingredient – liquid chlorophyll. Don't have a juicer or the time? Shakeology is an AWESOME option that's loaded with TONS of nutritional gold that we can't get at the grocery store! 

6. Fight Cravings by eating often. Get your nutrition in check! I eat more now than I ever did- and I weight less. How? Because I nourish my body with the foods it needs! Check out my Meal Plans, Recipes, and Grocery List

7. Do not Think Fat Thoughts. I learned this from The Secret. Think: I am strong. I am capable. I AM going to have the body I've always wanted. I AM going to treat my body right.

8. Praise Yourself. It might not feel like a big of a feat to finish even 5 minutes of Core Synergistics instead of the whole thing. But it is! The fact that you have overcome yourself to do it is amazing. So give yourself a break, “do your best and forget the rest!”

9. Workout to Workout, not to Lose Weight. It might be hard at first, but as you move along, and start seeing the results on your body, you are hooked. Think about it, when you reach your ideal weight, you are going to need to keep it off, which means staying active for life.

10. Don’t Obsess about the Mirror/Scale. Don’t focus on your present looks, especially if you have a long way to go. Look at the beautiful pics of yourself from the past or pics of a person whose body you prefer. Keep them in sight all the time to motivate you. Imagine yourself the way you want to look, feel good about yourself. See yourself at your perfect weight, wearing beautiful clothes, and enjoying yourself. You are so beautiful, and so sexy! Positive attitude is the key. Trust the process!


What would you do if you knew you could not fail? Would you take more chances? Is it the fear of failure that is holding you back from going after your greatest dreams and aspirations? I know it has discouraged me from pursuing something new in my past. Many a times we are the ones that hold ourselves back and determine our limitations. But here is the truth... You miss 100% of the shots that you don't take. When you fear failure, and fail to take a chance... you have already experienced what you feared most... You FAILED to give yourself the chance to SUCCEED.
What techniques help you to get through the workout?


  1. Abdominal exercise three to five times a week. Initially a person should start with exercises and repeat them as long as they are comfortable performing it. With the increase in the fitness level the number of exercises can be increased along with the repetitions.

  2. I'm thinking about starting P90X, I started a couple of years back but failed after a couple of weeks. This time will be different, reading your blog has help greatly. I've recently dislocated my shoulder and was wondering if using resistance bands really compared with doing pull ups.

  3. Aww thanks for commenting!! I started and failed it FOUR times before I finally stuck with it lol If you sign up for the free team beachbody profile- I can show you how to autoschedule your workouts and Ill add ya to our support group :)