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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

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Who is ready to really commit to their health/transformation? Back in September, I made the decision that would change the rest of my life.  Who knew that a couple clicks of the mouse would lead me to where I am today. Who knew that was the decision I was waiting to make my whole life?  Who knew that would be the catalyst for my transformation physically/mentally/financially? 

It's funny because you don't realize the impact your choices are going to make when you are surfing the internet at 3am...looking at P90X youtube transformations videos lol 

At the time, I had NO idea I was signing up to finally commit to my health. No clue that I was signing up to be part of a FAMILY. A DYNASTY filled with people who put others first. If I told you by signing up, you would make the best friends you have EVER had in your life, people who are supportive, helpful and don't try to tempt you with treats or derail your workouts/diet...How could you not? 

I've made connections with people all over the country that I would NEVER have known existed.  The positive ripple effects of my decision have not ended....they continue to increase exponentially and will reach to the duration of my life. 

Make friends. Get Fit. Make money. Better myself. Seriously. 

YOU can sign up to be a coach today, no matter where you are at in your journey: start, middle or end… and as long as you are passionate about helping others and serious about becoming a product of the products then YOU have what it takes to be a phenomenal coach!

We work as a TEAM! I am, as your sponsoring coach, investing my time, energy and experience into helping you develop into a successful coach… because not only does it help you, but it helps our team as a whole, it helps my business and it ALSO impacts the lives of those who you end up coaching!
We like to call it PHP: People Helping People

So WHY should you do it? What's in it for you?
  • You are more likely to commit to your own personal health and fitness!
  • You have the opportunity to touch the lives of others and inspire them to realize their own potential by promoting your now healthy lifestyle!
  • You receive 25% off all Beachbody products at any time!
  • You decide your hours & can adjust them to your lifestyle!
  • You are not responsible for shipping or inventory.
  • You have unlimited income potential and build a residual income up over time… meaning YOU get paid, whether you work or not!
  • You become a business owner which has GREAT tax benefits!
  • You have the opportunity to purchase packages as up to 50% off retail during coach sign up!!!
  • Helping others reach their goals feels AMMAAZZINGGG!!!
What are you doing tonight at 9:30pm EST?? I'll be talking about why I became a coach and what's in it for you!! Join the Dynasty webinar- click here to register!  

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