Memorial Day Trip to Washington D.C.

Monday, May 30, 2011

If you have never been to Washington DC, I HIGHLY recommend that you get there soon!! I Have such a wonderful weekend and not only was the weather absolutely amazing...but there is so much to do!! And a lot of it is FREE!

We started out at the Botanical Gardens...which is just stunning.  It re-ignited my desire to make my front yard into a Home & Garden cover page- but they are wayyyy more skilled than I am! 

It was hard to resist touching the flowers- everything looked so soft to the touch, and it was!
ALWAYS a site to see! We went by the White House at night and it was lit up so beautifully :)
Next stop- the museums! Because it was a holiday weekend, everyone had the same idea to go check out the Natural History Museum and the Native American Museum. I am definately adding the Hope Diamond to my Christmas Wish List this year- it is larger than life! 
Who knew marine life could be so interesting! After watching a video on Killer Whales I think I now hate them- they are sooooo mean! those jerks!
We also went to the 3-d Imax Dinosaur show- very cool But those glasses you have to wear...not so cool lol
I could not get over how gorgeous the building was! Marble everywhere and gorgeous fountains!
After walking around for 6 hours we decided to treat ourselves to some subs! and a 1,00 calorie homemade ice cream sandwich!! It was DELICIOUS!!!! I'll NEVER forget it lol
The coolest part of the trip- The National Zoo!! There were wayyyy to many awesome animals to take pics of, but here are some of them!!! LOVVEEED the zoo!!