Don't Dream A Little Dream...

Friday, July 29, 2011

Kandee Johnson is absolutely amazing!! If you've never been to her blog you MUST check it out!! She is a makeup genius and she is living out her dreams!! Why do I love her so much??? Read on.... 

I am "recycling" this posty... some of you may remember this post from a long time ago....I found it and wanted to share it again....I think we can all use this sometimes (feel free to pass this on to friends that could use it!

(I took this "big" view from on top of the Empire State Building in New York...sometimes you just need to have "big vision" for your's a view to inspire you...)

dream a big dream...
people waste their never doing anything to make them happen! Let's be dream makers....not dream wasters!

Just like each person has their own fingerprints and likes and have your own personal dream...and your own one else will say they same things you will, paint a painting the way you will, sing a song the same way...or even draw out the beauty in someone by doing their make-up, the same way...

Whatever moves you, excited you, whatever you have a "knack" for.....go after it! Go after it, big time! The small details are what will make your big dreams....come true!

And don't listen to the dream-stopper lies that try to prevent your dream from happening...
your never:
*too old, or too young....(The world famous chef Julia Child, didn't start cooking until she was in her 50's)

*not talented enough...(some of the most famous people were told they had no talent! From Frank Sinatra to The Beatles!)

*have no time...(some of the most amazing inventions and books were written when people had to do them at night, because they were busy with work or kids during the day)

*you have lost hope....(whatever is lost can be found.....find your dream and your hope..and work hard to keep it alive...water your dreams & hopes, one can make them grow except you...and God...but we have to do our part!)

*too fat or thin, not attractive enough.....(Oprah has struggled with her weight, but she became the most powerful women (person) in the media...true talent doesn't have a size or a beauty rating! I've seen some "pretty" people that were the ugliest people I've ever seen, and no one wanted them around!)

*you have kids and don't know how you'll do it....(I know of an actress, that was so desired, the studio paid for her to move to Hollywood, they paid for her house in the Hills, and they paid for her to have a Nanny service at her disposal...a lot of my friends are moms, or single moms...and they have been able to make their dreams come true, with their babies right by their side!)...everyone knows, moms have incredible work ethics, they can multi-task like nobody's business....maybe you can't answer the phone when kids are yelling...but thank goodness for email and texting! ha ha ha ha

I made small decisions to help get my "big dreams" jump started...
*I made the choice to enroll in beauty school (that's all I knew to do at the time)
* I decided I was going to talk to salons and see if I could do make-up for prom
*I made flyers and put them up advertising my make-up services
*I made lil postcards and business cards to give to people, so they knew I was a "make-up artist"
*I made a little portfolio of all my friends I had put make-up on
*I made appointments with all the local photographers and advertising agencies to show them my "portfolio"...and I started getting work!
*I decided I was going to go talk to an award winning make-up artist at a hair show...

and before I knew it....I was walking onto movie sets, into the offices of MTV with my make-up kit to work, and being listed as key make-up for tv shows and commercials...and hiring my own team of make-up artists and hair stylists for jobs!

Each small decision I made, was going to have a huge effect!

(not only does Janice Dickinson, have a bigger than life personality, she coined the bigger-than-average-model term, "supermodel"....this was me and Janice, after I did her make-up)

So today...or even next week...start making tiny decisions to power up your big dreams!!!

Remember, every giant made up of a bunch of little steps....
typed with huge love for you and your dreams...kandee