Monday, August 1, 2011

Eat Clean Diet: Stripped 28 Day Meal Plan

Ok, since I have a BEACH WEDDING in 4 weeks it's time to get SERIOUS. I've been lackadaisical since May and def FEEL a weight gain! My clothes aren't fitting the way I like and it's time to COMMIT to clean eating!! So this weekend, I went Back to Basics!! Made my shopping list with the Eat Clean Diet in hand and I am following the 28-Day Stripped meal plan!
Tupperwear! My best friend during the week! 
Portabellas!! Yummy!
Since I was cooking, I decided to make an Egg white omlet with veggies lol 
Cooking in Bulk! Ground Turkey, Hard Boiled Eggs & Veggies!

Finished!! Ready to tackle the week! Salads made! Veggie snacks portioned out! Baked Chicken, Cooked ground turkey! Cooked veggies! 

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