Organizational Bliss

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

So I learned something about myself tonight. If things are not right in front of my face where I can see them...I assume they are gone forever and I go out and buy a new ______ to replace it.   I realized this as I was figuring out a way to organize my bathroom. I am forever on a quest to make things pretty but to do it in a way that makes sense.
Syndey inspecting my work =)
My bathroom/toiletries needed an update and I comtemplated my strategy for days...I finally came up with something cute and went on a quest to fill my little jars with goodies. In the process of compling all of my bottles of nail polish...that were found any where from the bathroom, to kitchen drawer, to my random shelves in the basement....I realized that I have 8...Yes EIGHT bottles of the EXACT same shade of pale pink nail polish. Amazing things happen when you make "homes" for your things. You no longer need to go buy dental floss everytime the mood strikes you to floss (I know that should be everyday...but come'on lol). PS I have 5 containers of floss!
My advice- save money and organize your house. I am already so much happier now that i know where things are!!!

OMG I can find things now!

No more digging for makeup!

Everything has a home! Now it's easy to find the color I want and they won't get damaged! Bras are $$$!

Fridge accountability! This is what I'm eating this week!