Shakeology + Workout DVDs **August Special** Win a FREE program!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Nutrition is 80% of the battle! Shakeology and eating clean were the 2 best things I EVER learned about to achieve my results! 
From now until August 31...if you order Shakeology on Auto Ship from my Shakeology will be entered into a drawing to WIN a FREE workout program!!

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2) Email me with your goals and your workout program of choice!

What makes Shakeology special?

Shakeology Benefits
If you want an effective way to improve your overall health, all you need to do is to drink a glass of Shakeology every day. This meal replacement shake contains the finest superfoods as well as a unique combination of phytonutrients, prebiotics, enzymes, and antioxidants. It also includes unusual compounds such as Sancha inchi, adaptogens, and Camu-camu to make sure that you are getting more nutrients than your normal diet could offer. By drinking Greenberry or Chocolate everyday, you can increase your energy levels, boost your digestive function, curb your appetite, and lose weight all at the same time. Although it only contains 140 calories, it still tastes better than other meal replacement shakes.
The low-calorie formula of can also make sure that your body is getting all the nutrients it needs while boosting your weight loss efforts at the same time. It also decreases your risk of developing heart disease, dementia, arthritis, and other degenerative diseases. This daily nutritional shake also has what it takes to cleanse your body and eliminate harmful toxins more efficiently than any other product used for detoxification. Since no other meal replacement shake has achieved a fraction of the results that Shakeology can deliver, it remains superior to other weight loss supplements.
Enjoy healthy nutrition RISK FREE for 30 days with Our Bottom-of-the-Bag Guarantee
If you don’t feel healthier, more energized, and simply amazing, you won’t pay. You can return it for any reason and get your money back (less s&h)—even if the bag is empty

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