PB2 & Shakeology = Heaven

Friday, September 16, 2011

I love peanut butter. No....I LOVEEE peanut butter. I could literally sit on the couch with a jar of PB and a spoon.  Seriously, it makes everything better....fruit, veggies, crackers, bread, shakes, chocolate! Eeeek ok I need to stop because this could end with me eating a lot of things I'm not prepared to work off lol

Peanut butter IS good for you...in moderation....but it's high in fat. Fortunately, Bell Plantation came up with powered peanut butter- PB2! The best part is one servings only has 45 calories and 1.5 grams of fat! WIN! 

I know what you're thinking...powdered peanut butter?? Weird right? How the heck does it taste? I actually like it wayyyyy better than regular peanut butter ESPECIALLY if you like to add PB to your protein shakes. It's easier to mix and I don't have to make it in the blender. Thank goodness...because washing dishes/cleaning the kitchen is my worst nightmare. I would rather do just about anything else lol

Anywhoooo....if you place an order for Shakeology on autoship from my site....you will get your very own jar of PB2 for free. Because...well...this has to be shared with the world lol 

This morning I made my chocolate Shakeology with a banana, almond milk, fat free organic yogurt, and one serving of PB2. You know what? It’s DELISH! It doesn’t have any sort of odd taste or “chalky” texture you get from most powdered foods. It’s a great addition to my morning shake!