What do you dream about?

Monday, October 10, 2011

When I was little, my parents used to give us the toys R us catalog and a big red marker. We would sit Indian style with the catalog and circle things we wanted Santa to bring to us. Honestly, I think the wishing, dreaming and deciding part was sometimes as much fun as actually getting the toy. Something about sitting there- envisioning what I would do with the toy, how much fun it was going to be, anticipating how excited I would on Christmas...was just...FUN. Sooooo I decided to relive my childhood with a twist. I sat down with a bunch of magazines and cut out my Wish List!

We should never stop wishing, thinking, growing, dreaming! I feel like somewhere along the way I lost that and THANKFULLY I found my way. It wasn't until I signed up as a Beachbody coach and surrounded myself with dreamers who are doers....that I reignited that "THINK BIG" mentality! And it's paid off. Start thinking that it IS possible, you ARE worth it and you WILL achieve it. You just have to know where you are going! Sit down and make your dream list!
Lists are great, but pictures are FUN! So I made mine into a dream book. I look through it every night before I go to bed. I close my eyes and imagine what life will be like when I build my dream house, drive my dream car (Mercedes SL550) and live out my bucket list.

So what's the point of doing this? For starters, I've had some pretty interesting dreams...do you ever watch a movie before bed and dream about it? Instead of filling your head with someone else's vision or thoughts, start using your OWN! I've been waking up with incredible ideas that guide me on the path to achieving these things. Your mind is an incredible tool- starting using your subconscious to make your dreams a reality! Make a dream book and look through it every night before you fall asleep =)

What is your dream car? Dream house? Dream vacation? I LOVE when people share! Comment below!