What is P90X 2 Like?

Friday, December 9, 2011

Holy crap. Today I did my 2nd P90X 2 workout, plyocide. All I have to say is....prepare yourself. My whole body is burning haha 
It's always good to switch up your workout, especially if you've been doing P90X for awhile. I cannot believe it came out

Jack in the Box Knee Tucks...really?!?!?
It's pretty intense but it gives me something to work toward. They start with a 15-20 minute warm up which includes some action on the foam roller.  The foam roller is used for self massage. I am in love with this roller. #1 It feels amazing #2 It helps with soreness.  It helps lengthen and align your muscles. Make sure you use it regularly because it increases your mobility and range of motion!

I got the Ultimate Package so mine came with the crazy rumble roller. It was a little intimidating at first, but once you play around with it and learn where your trouble spots are...you will be in heaven! 

Does P90X2 replace P90X?
Think of it like an expansion pack- more workouts, more muscle confusion. Get yourself ready to take your results to the next level. 

Is P90X2 harder than P90X?
Remember your 1st P90X workout? I didn't think I would ever get any better!! P90X 2 technically isn't harder but it's prob going to feel that way until your body adapts. There is more muscle confusion in the sequel!

P90X2's new P.A.P. program uses a combination of traditional resistance training and total-body plyometrics, which works your muscles into firing faster and stronger, translating into more explosive strength.

If you don't already have a recovery drink...you are going to need one! I personally use the P90X results and recovery.  It takes like a creamsicle. I blend mine with just water and a TON of ice- it's super addictive!! lol

If you like Tony's goofy sense of humor, you will def get a kick out of him. I love his wackiness- it makes the workout go by faster and I swear I can't get thru a workout without laughing.  

If you're a beginner or don't have all of the equipment, don't worry! There are tons of modified moves. It gives you a lot of nice options, especially if you are traveling!!  You'll prob eventually want to get everything, but it's not a complete must at first. 

I love the modifications!! It's hard enough to workout when you're on the go- but to have to take equipment with you is pretty much impossible!! So instead of using the stability ball, he shows you how to use a towel..or nothing. Just pay attention to form!

I was a little worried about using the medicine ball because I've never worked out with one before...but the moves are pretty basic! I always workout in front of (a wall of) mirrors! It helps you check form and make sure you are doing it correctly!!

Why is it only 5 days a week?
Since the workouts are more intense, you need more time to recover ! P90X is based on a 6 day program, but with P90X 2 you 2 days off. I have a feeling I am going to need them!! You def earn that extra day! But don't think you're just going to be sitting on your butt! One of those days is going to be an ACTIVE recovery day- which means you'll be outside moving around or doing something active.

Will there be different schedule options like Classic, Lean, or Doubles?
P90X 2 does it a little differently. They broke it down into phases and you can decide how long you stay in each phase to get the most out of it.  If you are having trouble in a particular area, you can spend more time focusing on that. Example: If balance is your area of opportunity, you can stay in Phase 1 longer. For muscle gain, stick around in Phase 2. And if your goal is to become faster, more agile and to jump higher...Phase 3 has you covered. The P90X 2 Guide breaks it all down and offers tons of options on how to customize your schedule to fit your needs.

How is the Nutrition Guide different?
You made suggestions, they listened! The nutrition guide was revamped and it included tons of options! It's way more flexible and I personally think it's a lot easier to understand. Tony Horton went vegan after doing P90X so they give a lot more meatless options and recipes!

Check it out here!!

Have you done this workout? Share your thoughts!


  1. Oh this looks amazing!
    I did p90x perhaps time to get on to this one1 :)

  2. I love this!!!!! Mine is STILL in the MAIL! I am so pumped to get it!!!! I wanted to study the meal plan and get all my duckies in a row! Thanks for this!