What’s the difference between P90X and P90X2

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A TON of research and development went into the creation of P90X2. They wanted to make sure it is on the CUTTING EDGE of fitness!  P90X2 will pick up where P90X left off with muscle confusion but also features the latest in applied exercise science including P.A.P. (Post-Activation Potentiation) exercise sequences.P90X2 focuses on strength, balance, mobility, and exposive power. It was developed by a world-class TEAM of fitness experts and with the most modern thinking in sports science.

Key Differences Between P90X and P90X 2
  • 5 Day Workout Schedule vs. 6 Days in P90X
  • P90X Yoga X 92 Minutes vs. P90X2 X2 Yoga About 1 Hour
  • P90X2 Incorporates Modern Sports Science Training of PAP
  • Dietary Plan More Flexible with Vegan and Vegetarian Options in P90X2
The P90X2 program is set up with a 5 day workout schedule, allowing for two rest days during the week in contrast with the 6 day workout schedule in P90X. Also in contrast with P90X, the P90X sequel shortens the yoga workout from 92 minutes in Yoga X to just about an hour with X2 Yoga in P90X2.
Think of P90X2 as periodiozed evolution with functionality and instability training where form is king. Mobility, flexibility, and neuro-integrated stretching are sure to challenge graduates of P90X, Insanity, Asylum, ChaLean Extreme, and Turbofire as well as athletes and fitness enthusiasts.
Phase I builds a foundation based on your current fitness level and lasts 3-5 weeks. Phase I of P90X2 will help you move better, feel better and lessen the probability of injury.
Phase II of P90X2 concentrates on strength and takes 3-6 weeks depending on your individual needs. You’ll use medicine balls and practice stability through instability. You will get stronger through a wider range of motion. You’ll get more supple and start looking good.
Phase III explodes with performance for 3-4 weeks before a final recovery week to round out the program. This phase will help you jump higher, run faster, and be more explosive. You have probably heard about Post-Activation Poentiation (PAP). PAP is introduced in Phase III and requires doing a explosive excise following a weighted exercise to increase the amount of power produced.
As much as I loved the P90X Nutrition Guide, the P90X 2 Nutrition Guide offers more dietary flexibility with 27 diet guides in one to fuel your performance. There are Vegan, Vegetarian, and Gluten-Free options in the new and improved how to fuel your body nutrition guide.
What’s important to remember about this the P90X sequel is it is a skilled based program. Many of the moves in P90X2 will take some practice. It might take several attempts to master the form and skill necessary to complete an exercise. Even Tony Horton had to master these moves.
Equipment You May Want But Don’t Necessarily Need
Chin Up Bar
Chin Up Assist
Stability Ball
8 Pound Medicine Balls
Foam Roller (Premium Grade Roller)
Power Stands
What are the bare minimums for equipment? Body weight and a couple of dumbbells or resistance bands. Additional equipment helps you get ripped, grow stronger, and build more power faster for your game by increasing the difficulty and intensity.
Three Kits Available in DVD and Blu Ray
12 DVDs plus How to Bring It Again (Introductory Session)
Fitness Guide
Nutrition Guide
90 Day Calendar
$119.95 DVD $149.85 Blu-Ray
Base Kit plus…
2 Additional Workouts
Stability Ball
Foam Roller
2 8 lb Medicine Balls
$239.85 DVD $299.85 Blu Ray
Base Kit plus…
2 Additional Workouts
Stability Ball
Premium Grade Roller
Tony Horton Power Stands
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Fuel Your Performance
The harder you train, the more you need the P90X Results and Recovery Formula After Workout Drink. It gets nutrients back into your muscles as soon as possible to speed up tissue repair and recovery. It reduces typical next day soreness. I didn’t use the Results and Recovery Drink when I did P90X. I did try it when I did the Insanity The Asylum workouts. It made a huge difference for me. I wondered at that time what a difference it might have made in my performance with P90X. It will definitely be my reward for a hard workout with P90X2.
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Have you done P90X or P90X2? What did you think of the workouts?