My long haired friends....check out Mane 'N Tail

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Having long hair can be hard to manage. I seriously have an emotional connection to my hair and without a doubt would cry and hyperventilate if ANYTHING happened to it. BUT sometimes it's a major pain to keep soft and nice. Split ends anyone?? I love/hair my straightener!!

Just from talking to random people, I came across Mane 'N Tail....
Mane 'N Tail got it's start as shampoo & conditioner that was specifically targeted for show horses with long flowing manes and tails. The formulas were outstanding and soon the line took off with the equestrian folks.
"The shampoo formula contains high lathering and ultra-cleansing agents that are fortified with moisturizers and emollients to help leave hair soft and ultra clean. Followed by a conditioner that helps nourish and aid healthy hair growth, leaving hair looking lustrous and silky. These micro-enriched protein formulas help to prevent hair breakage and repair split ends, achieving the goal of longer, stronger, fuller hair…the results are unbelievable! There is still an underground rumor that the Mane ‘n Tail encourages hair growth. Imagine…the rest is history!"
I have now been using this for about two weeks and my hair is softer, more manageable and smells AWESOME! HELLLOOOO silkiness!
Found this at Sally Beauty Supply but my friend even found it at Walgreens! I was using shampoo from Regis ($$$ and the smell wasn't that great). This was $5 a pop and already...I love it so much better!

My long haired beauties out there....have any favorite products you want to share? I need something new to try for my "Sunday spa day" =)


  1. AHHH. THANK YOU for this!!! I have been searching high and low for this stuff, so I am going to check out my Walgreen's tonight to see if they have it - if not off to Sally's I go!!!

    Do you use the moroccan hair oil when you do your hair?! My hair would literally be like five inches shorter due to split ends and half as shiny and soft that it is now! If you don't already use it, you have to grab some!!! I put it in my ends before I blow dry.. Then I put two pumps more in my ends before I straighten - it looks greasy on ends and then after you straighten it is just soft and silky :)

  2. Ohhhhh I am TOTALLY getting that! I have a moroccan oil treatment that you leave on for 10 minutes but I need to get what you have! Where do you buy it?

  3. You can get it at Wal-Mart as well