Spring Cleaning Closet Organization

Monday, January 23, 2012

I have two great passions in life...decorating and fashion. Expert in neither! But I love love love them sooo much! 
I've never been good expressing myself in conversation- do you know those people who are super quick on their toes? Argh I can't stand those people! lol I envy their wittiness! But what I love about design & fashion....it's like saying so much without saying a word.
Each piece is carefully selected...studied and decided upon. Does it make the cut? Does it come home?
There is something about the selection process that I love soooo much-  I don't care if it's buying towels. I love to compare price, color, texture, size, and how I think it will fit into my theme. HATE matchy matchy! It needs to be personal to you! 
People should walk into your house and feel like they know you =) 

I'm officially in spring cleaning mode! Less is more!! I have so many clothes that I've held onto because I have a total emotional attachment to them. BUT I decided that it's time to move on! 
My poor clothes have been neglected- they deserve to see the light of day and have someone enjoy wearing them and appreciate them! 

Plus, there is something deeply calming about having an organized house. It makes life easier. It puts me at ease and makes me feel like I can think clearly. 
So here is to other people enjoying my clothes! And a clean closet! 

Closet #1
Two of the best things I ever did in the closet...
#1 Hang my necklaces! They never get tangled or lost and they get more wear because they are right there!
#2 The lost sock drawer. Since I have a designated place to put socks that don't have a match, I have ended up eventually finding all of the missing socks after a few washes! I'm forever missing socks because I go to bed with them on and kick them off in the middle of the night. At the end of the week, I have crazy socks all mixed in my sheets lol
I used to throw them all in a random basket and then I would add more laundry to that they would just sit in there forever! Be kind to your socks, they miss their soul mate!

Closet #2
Love my over the door hook for hoodies! You can't really tell...but I have A LOT! And it's annoying to re-hang them on hangers when I'm just going to grab them the next day anyway. I would end up throwing them on the back of a chair and never put them away.
I can hang them on a hook though! Same thing with the belts! Make it easy, and you'll always put it away!

When you organize by color, you start to realize...ok maybe I don't need another beige cardigan lo

Easy to grab and go!!

My Shoe Collection- Well part of it at least =) 

Sooo my shoes WERE like this....which I thought was pretty awesome....
But I just wasn't happy with it....yea it looks OK and I love going "shopping" in the case for my shoes...but something just wasn't right! So I moved it into my bedroom!

Ummm yeaaaa WAYYYYY better!
Much better!! I woke up this morning and just smiled =) It looks so beautiful! 

Favorite Shoes...
Colin Stuart 
Jessica Simpson 
Steve Madden
Carlos Santana
Betsey Johnson
Christian Louboutin WISH I OWNED SOME!!

What are your favorite shoe brands??


  1. I love Steve Madden those are probably my favorite shoes I own. I have some of his boots (dressy and ugg) as well as some heels. I also really love Candies from Kohls.

  2. WOW I am totally jealous of your closet space! this is amazing!
    and shoe cabinets<3