5 Steps to a Healthy Routine

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

“Cold Turkey” is the only way to cut your bad eating habits! Like ripping off a band-aid! Easter and the holidays are over and so your “bad eating”  

If you are just getting back into working out, you don't want to do TOO much TOO quickly... but you want to do enough that your body benefits from the workout. You want to keep coming back!! lol so don't kill yourself! 

5 Steps to get Back into your healthy routine

1. Throw in the trash ALL the left over chocolates,sweets !! Don’t cry!! ;P

2. Eat properly at all meals. It is best to eat small meals that are high in protein. If you are hungry between meals, you can have a Shakeology

3. If you are just getting back into workout out, start with a light over all workout the first week. You can add in some light cardio and then start your workout program.
4. Revisit your goals and your "Why"  This is what is going to help you stay motivated during the tough times!