Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Chalean Extreme and Meal Plan

I am soooo happy to be an 80s baby. But I can never express my 80s flare in real life so i have to save it for my workout seshs. 

Undeniable wins from the 80s
  • the side pony
  • platinum blonde hair 
  • 3/4 sleeves
  • crop tops
  • off the shoulder shirts *** personal fav!
  • leggings
  • the workout gear!
  • scrunch socks and leg warmers
  • slap bracelets
  • jellies!! which are totally back!
  • cabbage patch kids
  • Annnddd the word "tubular!"
Rocking it 80s style! 

I lift like a girl! Heavy =)

Biceps don't grow on trees!
So in love with this workout! Tonight I did Chalean Extreme Push Circuit 1 and I have an inkling that I am going to feel those 30 lb squats tomorrow! Lift heavy = reshape your body!

I'm not strong for a girl... I'M JUST STRONG!!!

So thats the workout...now onto the meal plan for tomorrow!

Wake up!

Post workout

Veggie Omlet
Bell Peppers
3 eggs + 1/2 egg whites
1 tbsp guacamole

1/4 c cashews + walnuts

1 c spinach
1 hard boiled egg
3 oz chicken
1 slice turkey bacon
1 tbsp olives
1/4 avocado
1 tbsp olive oil & balsamic vinegar
lemon slices

1 scoop whey protein
1 cup baby carrots
1/2 cup hummus

5 oz chicken
2 c steamed green beans
mixed greens salad
1 tbsp olive oil & balsamic vinegar

5 egg whites 
Hot sauce


  1. For your snack. Do you drink the whey protein in a shake or what do you do with it. Just wondering.

  2. I drink it as a shake typically, BUT one of my favorite recipes that Im eating today is Plain Greek Yogurt with Vanilla protein powder http://katiheifner.blogspot.com/2012/03/healthy-snack-greek-yogurt.html

  3. Hi - Stumbled upon your blog, and love it! It's very informative, and love that you share your daily meals. It's helps a lot! I am on my last week of Insanity. I ordered BBL this week, and plan to do a hybrid with Insanity. I hope my tush looks as good as yours! haha.. I need some help (lift) in that area. I wanted to ask you if you count your calories daily? Or do you do the percentage - 40/40/20? Or do you just "eye" your intake? You are pretty small.. so just wondering if your weight fluctuates also? I am 5'2 116lbs. I lost inches with Insanity but only lost 2lbs.. happy with the lose of fat, but kinda bummed about the scale. Anyway.. Thanks! =)