Shakeology Coupon Promo

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I love my Shakeology! I drink at least 1 shake a day. I'm actually getting in the habit of having a second as my afternoon snack at work to help get me through those long dreaded hours after lunch until I can go home! I just can't get enough! lol

I'm just starting my Chalean Extreme/ Turbo Fire Hybrid and and I really see the muscle tone! Thanks Chalene! In order to get the BEST possible results, I need to make sure I'm really keeping an eye on my nutrition. You ALWAYS want to make sure you pair a lean protein with a complex carb.

I'm watching my sugar and fat intake, eating my fruit first thing in the morning and staying away from carbs after 3pm. After 3pm, it's all about protein plus veggies!!

Shakeology has been essential to making sure that my nutrition is spot on because it fills any nutritional gaps in my diet. Annndd since it's chocolate, it keeps me from reaching for the ICE CREAM! haha

I don't know if anyone else has sleep problems like me...I'm such a light sleeper. I hear something in the middle of the night and instantly I'm like "Yup, that's definitely a murderer" This might like a really silly thing...but I literally want to kiss my Shakeology for giving me enough energy to make it through the day- especially after like 3 hours of sleep lol

So not only do I get energy, but I benefit from all of the other essential nutrients that my body NEEDS!

You already know that to really have fun with need to mix it up! If you need some ideas, head over to the recipe page!

I have been told so many times,

"Kati, it sounds so good, but it is so expensive."

My response..."Really? It retails for around $120 which breaks down to $4 a glass. If you join as a coach or what I call our preferred customer plan, you can get it for 25% off or around $90. (Hellloooo savings!) Remember, that is for a 30 day supply, so that is $3 a glass! What are you eating for breakfast that is so healthy for you and only costs $3-4?! I know if you are going to Starbucks for your latte, you're probably paying more...not to mention your beverage of choice is LOADED with sugar!"

Was I skeptical 2 years ago...ummm hell yeaa. I seriously thought- what the heck is this "magical" drink. I didn't think it would benefit me...but my adventurous and somewhat rebellious side kicked in and decided that I would take the 30 day challenge. My wild side made me do it!

The first week, I had to experiment with recipes and how thick I like it...but once I found my dream recipe, I was set!

 So in honor of swimsuit season quickly approaching, I am offered a promo! If you purchase Shakeology on Home Direct, you will receive one of my MUST haves for the day....a Shaker Cup! This thing is MONEY! I literally have one with me every single day!
And if you are thrifty like me, you will love saving $10 on shipping! That's even better than having a coupon! Trust me, take the leap of faith...try it for 30 days and if you aren't obsessed with it like I can return it.

Have you tried shakeology? What is your favorite flavor and recipe?