5 Sneaky Tips for Weight Loss WITHOUT Working Out!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Sometimes I have these surreal moments where I ask myself...am I really posting bikini pics on the internet? It's weird when I look back on my journey and how far I have come.

It's not like I ever had a TON of weight to lose but 10, 15, 20 lbs can take a huge toll on your self confidence!
We ALL want a bikini body but when you grow up with a certain body image, (ok, maybe this is just me but...) but I had that "well I'll never be that girl" mentality.
It's a load of crap- stop talking yourself out of success!! You can do it! How do I know? Because I did it!
I wanted to share some simple things you can do to get that bikini body and start LIVING! Seriously think about how many times you have held yourself back from LIFE because you don't feel confident. You go to the beach but just lay on the towel trying to hide and cover up. You go to Six Flags but wear a baggy t-shirt and long shorts even though it's 1000 degrees. Been there, done that. I'm over it! The Struggle is much less painful than regret! 

Weight loss actually has MORE to do with what you eat, so...

Tip #1 Eat Real Food!
The thing that really clicked for me was the principle of eating REAL food as nature intended. Honestly, at first I was a little lost. I read this concept in the Eat Clean Diet by Tosca Reno. She says something like- only buy items that contains 5 of less ingredients. Now how in the world could something contain less than 5??? 
Oh wait...Zucchini (one ingredient!), tomato, banana, eggs! Start buying REAL food as nature intended! Your body knows how to break these down and use them for energy instead of storing them as fat.  Real food will give you the most nutritional bang for your buck!
If you really start to take a look at labels, there are so many unnecessary science project looking things added to foods. It's a little freaky! If you must buy something processed- pick the most natural one with the least about of ingredients! Just remember, highly processed foods are typically high in calories and in low nutrients so you aren't doing yourself any favors.
It's all about Common Sense Eating! 
My new favorite thing- Farm Fresh to You! It's a delivery service that brings a box of fresh produce straight from local farmers. You never know what you're going to get so it makes you try new recipes!

Best tasting nectarine of my life! So juicy and fresh!!
Tip #2 Eat Often!
Anyone who spends time with me knows that I am constantly eating. Right on cue every 2-3 hours I am hungry again! 
I don't know who came up with the concept of starving yourself but not only does it not work, it makes you miserable! If you deprive yourself, your body goes into starvation mode and hangs onto fat for dear life (back in the caveman days this might have saved your life- today it just keeps you fat).
Eat 5-6 meals a day spaced out every 2-3 hours. Keep in mind your portions will be smaller than what your used to on the 3-meal a day plan. The concept here is to keep yourself constantly stimulate your metabolism and keep yourself from being hungry so you don't feel the need to binge and overeat. 
This concept was so hard for me to adhere to initially that I actually set a reminder on my phone lol
Meal #5! Enjoying some of our awesome fresh corn from Farm Fresh!
Tip #3 Plan Your Strategy
Have a busy life? Duh, right? So HOW are you setting yourself up for success. If you don’t plan it, it’s not real. Wanna know the biggest BS excuse? “I don’t have enough time”  Somehow, Oprah and the president seem to get stuff done. We all have 24 hours in a day- same level playing field.

We always make time for the things that are truly important. Take control of your time! Plan your meals! Prepare food ahead of time! Check out my post about planning!

I always write out my meal plan so I a) know what to buy b) know what to make c) it keeps me from going willy nilly in the grocery store and spending crazy money.
Need Ideas on WHAT to eat? Go here or visit the Grocery List tab above!

Tip #4 Drink Water!
Reach for the water! Listen carefully: you cannot lose weight without water! You need water to survive! Water is responsible for regulating your body temp, keeping your joints in good health, and keeping your tissue and cells from breaking down. So get to it! 

A good rule of thumb is to divide your body weight in half. That is the number in ounces of water you should drink.

We always have water all day lonnnggg and with every meal!
Tip #5 Enjoy!
Stop and smell the roses! If you aren't enjoying your meal plan- time to find one that you like. Have fun with it. Honestly, I used to hate spending time in the kitchen...but I think that was because I didn't know what I was doing. I've learned to enjoy the journey just as much as the destination!

Cute little baby bird we spotted! He was so friendly! 
Side Note: We just recieved a new tub of Casein which is a slow release protein. Here's the deal...when you sleep, you’re on a fast...during which, your body is forced to turn to your own muscle protein for fuel. The longer you go before sleep without eating, the more your muscle will be eaten away. You can avoid this but ending your day with a slow-digesting protein. This is our last meal of the day.
Anywayyyy, I only bring this up because Im baffled as to why the scooper is ALWAYS at the very botom of the tub. I had to fish this little guy out with a big spoon thingy.
What strategies have helped you plan your meals in the past?