Eating Clean - How to Avoid Temptation

Monday, October 1, 2012

One of the BEST ways to avoid temptation is to remove yourself from your trigger foods and not keep them around. I have enough will power to avoid things in the store...but if they come help me! They are getting DEVOURED! Even though I KNOW what I'm doing and that I'll regret it...I can't stop! 

With that being said...I run a TIGHT ship around here whenever possible. Doesn't it feel like it's ALWAYS someone's birthday or shower or something that involves derailing me from my goals. So I control what I can and make sure those goodies never make it past the front door. 

Now, I'm not going to lie...there have been times when I make the trip to the it...find nothing sweet...close it...go sit down...get back fridge...repeat 
BUT it IS a lot easier to reach for the good stuff when there is nothing bad to grab. The secret to success is simple...PLAN & PREPARE. 

It's MUCH easier to heat & eat! and this will keep you from going through the drive thru in a crunch. 

I used to work this insane job with the craziest hours...and I HATED being stuck at work and hungry. Because the fear loomed over me...I used to stuff my face to the point that I was bursting just to POSSIBLY avoid being hungry later. 
Apparently, I'm a complete blonde and it never occurred to me to plan...prepare and pack snacks (healthy ones!) ahead of time. Once I started bringing my lunch and snacks...voila! I started seeing SERIOUS results!

Now, I'm not perfect. We still have a cheat meal on date night. But between planning my meals, not keeping junk in the house and PLANNING my keeps me sane, happy and still fitting in my skinny jeans =) 

So what is in my fridge right now?

Well here is the meal plan

Meal 1- 6 Egg Whites, 1 Cup Veggies
Meal 2- Protein Shake
Meal 3- 6 oz chicken, 1/2 C Brown Rice
Meal 4- Shakeology
Meal 5- 6 oz Chicken, 1 Cup Green Beans
Meal 6- Casein Shake

That's about 1600 calories =) Annnd you actually feel satisfied! Yayyy!