Beachbody Emerald Coach! Candice Beniot

Friday, February 1, 2013

2010 I sat on my couch; hagen diiaz in one hand, remote in the other - 9 months post pregnancy watching my boyfriend do 1.5hrs of P90X yoga. I continued to WATCH him succeed and get in the best shape of his life while I looked at my stretched out belly feeling the lowest I had ever felt about myself. 

This past year 2012 I gave birth to my son and decided enough is enough! I've witnessed how effective beachbody programs were first hand with my boyfriend and thought it's time to stop talking about what I am going to do, and start ACTING on it. I had incentive too. My best friends wedding was in a few months and it was drum roll "Destination wedding!" AH! I thought to myself NO way am I going to be the girl in the "mom" bathing suit! 

I had Insanity sitting in my closet and by chance..I stumbled upon my "fairy coach mother" Kati Heifner's page. I'm pretty sure I liked the SKINNY jeans she was wearing in the pic that first caught my attention (haha - I mean come on, us women all do that right?) but regardless I checked out her facebook page and she was a beachbody coach! 

I emailed her and soon after signed up with a free membership and got my first home direct order of chocolate shakeology. I had my struggles with motivation at times but I continued drinking my shakeology every day and it completely changed my eating habits. I was able to plan and make healthier choices, especially knowing I had my amazing chocolate heaven shake to look forward to - it substituted my evening chocolate binges and instead of a junk food hangover; I felt energized and rejuvenated. I sometimes dragged my heels with Insanity, missing days but when I fell down I kept picking myself back up! It wasn't long before I was noticing some INSANE changes in my body! 

After just 30 days of on and off workouts, I went down 3 pant sizes! Everyone was amazed at how great I looked, and more importantly I FELT great! But. Here comes the infamous wagon. One month after I returned from paradise....I fell off...I lost the motivation, and with no incentive I threw all my hard earned work out the window. 

A couple months went by and I started checking back into the Diamonds in the Rough support group. I knew I needed to get back on track but this time I wanted to really challenge myself. This time around I had something more that I didnt have the first time. I had PROOF. Proof that I CAN achieve this goal. I knew 100% that Shakeology was MY driving force to success so that was a no brainer - need my shakes again! So December 15th 2012 I began my journey as a coach!

Initially I thought I would start out as a coach for the discount at the very least - but then I started engaging myself in the diamonds in the rough support group and it really didn't take long before the greater picture really presented itself. I WANT to share this experience! I want to others like me to know that they too CAN achieve great results if they put the work in! I get so much motivation and support from the bombshell dynasty and I feel like everyone should know about this opportunity to be a part of something so special. 

Coaching is just the beginning! I am learning so much about myself - I challenge myself in ways I never did before and I am rediscovering passions and goals that I seemed to let go by the way side. But the greatest reward of all is seeing people get excited about reaching a goal of theirs and being able to help them find the tools to do so. To me, that is what this business is all about. I want my coaches to reach for the stars, challenge themselves and continue to pay it foward by helping more people go after their dreams!

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