Body Beast Results and review for Women

Friday, May 31, 2013

Body Beast Results and review for women (or woman hehe Just lil ole me!)
What's really interesting about this program is how much your body will change. I noticed little things like stronger, rounder shoulders, more defined arms, more defined abs. 
My weight flucuated pretty dramatically (for my height. im only 5'3")
Day   1: 121 lbs
Day 30: 127 lbs (I was pretty much FREAKING the Eff out haha)
Day 60: 122 lbs
Day 90: 117 lbs. 

My waist cinched in, I absolutely got stronger, my thighs actually stayed about the same measurements but I can feel more muscle/strength but I still feel girly, curvy and pretty hehe  Keep reading for more of my thoughts and "a-ha" moments.

If you have no idea what Body Beast can watch this little video or check out my post about Body Beast.
Ok so here's the first I was SUPER intimidated by the workout. Like kinda freaking out haha There is grunting and the packaging even looks a little intense. It was definitely created with a LOT of testosterone BUT once I got over the initial intimidation and into my groove...I've discovered that 
#1 I really love it 
#2 Sagi is hilarious (not sure if that's intentional which makes it even funnier) 
#3 Sagi is so HANDSOME. he's 40 which is PROOF that muscle = fountain of youth
#4 He's surprisingly motivational. "Whatever it takes" He encourages you to continue with the reps even if you have to drop your weights
#5 I feel SO STRONG!!!! but I STILL have my FEMININE curves and girly body that I love. Let's face it Curves are SEXY! BUT I prefer that my curves didnt jiggle around lol
#6 I've learned to let go of the number on the scale. ok so I KNOW that muscle is denser than fat but...ever feel like it's easy to GIVE advice but then when it comes to forget all common sense and science and you focus on how you "feel"  Yea, I need to knock that off! haha I'm learning...

I love this illustration. Obviously a pound is a pound no matter what its made of... however muscle takes up less space than fat, so if there are two people that weigh the same-one lean and one not so lean, the one with higher body fat % will appear bigger in size. Basically...replace fat with muscle and you'll come in a smaller, tighter and sexier package.
I'm not gonna lie...I had no idea what a super set, drop set, progressive set or any other "bodybuilder" term meant. Totally ignorant. But now..I feel like I've learned soo much just from doing this workout. 
I'm pushing myself more and allowing myself to be successful. This might sound a little silly..but even when I did P90X I would stop myself from picking up a heavier weight or pushing myself harder because my brain was telling me I couldn't. 
Your mind gives up before your body does!! After doing the Ultimate Reset and then transitioning into this...I feel like I'm more in tune with my body and actually listening to my body instead of what I THINK I can do. 

Day 35 Body Beast Results 
ladies seriously...don't be afraid of this workout. The best part- this is something you can do with your man (without worrying that YOU'll look like a man haha) and you're getting STRONGER FOR LIFE!
I can rearrange the living room by myself if I wanted! Move this couch? No problem! 

Excuse the bathroom mess haha but I'm FINALLY getting those nice round shoulders I've always wanted and toned arms! No bingo arms for me!!!

I should add that this is the meal plan I've been following...although I've cheated A LOT!!! haha so my focus this month is to tighten the reins...log my food intake on (if you're on there, my name is katiheifner  add me!) but so far so good! 
And yes I take all of the supplements they recommend. I love the Suma Root because I swear it improves my mood. (At least that's what my boyfriend tells me lol)
Although now that we've moved into the next phase Ive stopped taking Fuel shot because it's too many calories but yea....I take Suma Root, protein and creatine and I still drink my Shakeology and take the Beachbody Omegas

I get asked ALL OF THE TIME...should women do Body Beast.... If you like lifting...if you want to be stronger...if you think women should be curvy....if you like FUN workouts that make you laugh....YES YES YES do it! 
I love answering questions about this workout so if you need help, email me at

If you would like me to help you and coach you through Body Beast, you can purchase it here -->> Body Beast Bombshells Can't wait!!