Is Network Marketing a pyramid Scheme? Is Beachbody coaching a pyramid scheme?

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Is networking marketing a pyramid scheme? Here is what Lindsay M. Top 10 Elite 15 Star Diamond coach and Donald Trump has to say! 
The Donald says it BEST. 

I can say with 100% CERTAINTY that if 3 years ago, GOD HIMSELF came to me and said, "Lindsay, I scanned through a list of things that would make you MOST HAPPY in your life:

- Being able to STAY AT HOME with your family
- Not having to worry about MONEY
- Having a CAREER you have PASSION for
- Being able to help your extended family financially
- The ability to know your work positively impacts the lives of others...

and I have decided you will become a TOP NETWORK MARKETER..."

I would have BEGGED HIM to change His mind!!!

I HAD THE ABSOLUTELY WORST OPINION about this business model! I thought it was about frauding people out of their money to buy products that DON'T WORK, convincing them to join some "business opportunity" where I made money simply by scheming them into joining 'my team'... and that truthfully... only people at THE TOP ever made any money!!!


Well, here is the thing... God KNEW that would be my reaction,... so He TRICKED ME INTO THIS BUSINESS!!! (no, REALLY!) I was never actually "signed up" by another coach! I CALLED INTO BEACHBODY CORPORATE myself to see if there was some type of referral program set up because I was telling EVERYONE about how AWESOME P90X was... (and my POST BABY RESULTS proved it!)

From there I was assigned to another coach randomly as a LEAD... and come to find out, that person loves fitness, but is not active in the business side. So... that meant I was going to have to build my business from the ground up, with no real guidance. (I used to be a little bitter about this, but MAN, I SO SEE WHY this happened now... It was so that I could prove you could succeed in this business, with or without upline help.

- I have since seen FIRST HAND that not only do our products WORK, they CHANGE LIVES...

- I have come to LOVE and ADORE the fact that in this business I do NOT make MONEY off someone signing up as a coach, but rather ONLY if they SUCCEED, do I benefit... therefore I have a VESTED INTEREST in my team's success.

- Lastly, that it doesn't matter if you signed up as a founding member or if you just signed up today, we ALL have an equal shot at success. I make MORE THAN many of the founding coaches and I have been building my business for less than 3 years.

I KNOW there are BAD EGGS out there... people who act out of GREED and build a LESS THAN STELLAR reputation for this business model... (ONE THAT I BELIEVED was absolutely true until I started on my own journey.) BUT, MY GOSH... I wake up every single day and THANK GOD for bringing Beachbody into my life... THE PEOPLE who I am connected with today are THE MOST PASSIONATE, INSPIRING BUNCH I HAVE EVER COME ACROSS!!! They have undoubtedly CHANGED MY LIFE... and I KNOW FOR A FACT I am a part of the best BUSINESS MODEL OUT THERE!  

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