Fit Tip of the Day: Do Not Skip Meals

Monday, August 19, 2013

Fit Tip of the Day: Do NOT skip meals! 
Ever try the "starvation diet"? My results= no weight loss and a serious case of the mood swings haha
When you deprive yourself of nutrition, your body assumes that food is scare and hangs on to everything you feed it later with ferocity! Which makes it hard to lose weight. On top of that wreaks havoc on your metabolism- slowing it down and confusing it. (basically...good luck losing weight!)

Instead...try eating on a schedule. Steady meal timing helps regulate your digestive system, blood sugar and insulin levels, and appetite.
Some people prefer spacing their calories out in 3 meals...some (like me) prefer 5-6 small meals. Do what works for you! As long as you're not skipping
Think of every meal as an opportunity to do something good for your body- plan your meals and look forward to them! 

This might not be something that comes naturally to to get in the habit of eating on a schedule you can set the timer on your phone. This was very helpful to me because I would get caught up at work and hours would fly by. But when my timer went off, I knew that was pririoty so I would find a stopping place and eat.
Also, I love Tosca Reno's method of packing a cooler. This was a MUST when I worked a full time job (before I was a Beachbody Coach). Pack your meals for work OR if it's the weekend and you're on the go...pack some easy snacks like nuts, fruit, Shakeology, water, etc...It will keep you out of the drive thru! I tend to make bad decisions when I'm hungry lol 

Bonus tip! When you are planning your meals- make sure eat meal includes a combo of lean protein and complex carbs 
(Ex: Baked salmon, Sweet potato & steamed veggies)