Lose 10-15 lbs with the 21 Day Bombshell Challenge!

Friday, November 1, 2013

How would YOU like to SHED 10-15lbs, all BEFORE Thanksgiving?!... or maybe you don't need to lose weight, but dang it, it sure would be nice to have a little tone in your tummy... then girl... I HAVE GOT THE CHALLENGE FOR YOU!!!

Bring on the 21 DAY BOMBSHELL CHALLENGE, Nov. 6th-27th (yep, the day before THANKSGIVING!)

What better BEFORE and AFTER to use than that of my very own to show you that what we do in our Bombshell Challenges really WORKS! 

Forget the gimmicky AB shockers (you won't muscle spasm yourself to a 6-pack) and leave the sensa behind (because when you eat DELICIOUS HEALTHY FOOD, you don't have to sprinkle chemicals on it!)

This is all about LIFE CHANGE! We don't put bandaids on the problems that have gotten you to where you are today and pretend that they are no longer there... We go straight to the source of the problems and figure out how to overcome them! 

You don't just leave with a better BODY, you graduate as a BOMBSHELL, someone who is beautiful from the INSIDE, OUT! 

If you are ready to ignite YOUR INNER BOMBSHELL then what are you waiting for? Today is your LAST DAY to join! 
You MIGHT have to upgrade to expedited shipping to have everything in time for DAY ONE of the 7th, so I will be offering a $20 coupon for every Challenge Pack purchased that you can use on ANY future purchase. 

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