Fitspiration of the daily: Good Moods

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sometimes my inspiration to workout comes from the AMAZING mood I KNOW I will be in AFTER my workout. I'm not gonna lie...this week was challenging with cramps and a serious case of PMS haha but with my trip coming up in only 5 weeks...It's NOT the time for excuses.
Even though I feel so bloated, I am so glad that I pushed myself and didn't lay around in bed like I wanted to haha

Taking a weekly accountability pic has really helped keep me on track- every Thursday it reminds me of my goals and why I am working so hard. If you feel like you are having trouble staying motivated, I highly recommend it. It's really easy to get off track especially in the winter when you can bundle up and wear those cozy over-sized sweaters (which are adorbs!)
Motivation is required weekly- you're not just going to start out and magically stay motivated and excited. You have to stoke the fire.
Anyway, have a great weekend everyone and remember your goals! Don't let the weekend be your "weak" end of the week!