Beachbody Coaching: Leadership Webinar for the Bombshell Dynasty

Monday, January 27, 2014

Beachbody Coaching: Leadership Webinar for the Bombshell Dynasty
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Leading: Shaping your team culture and mission through vision, innovation and inspiration. It’s moving people emotionally to make that vision a reality

I have 5 main points I’m going to cover on Leadership. I don’t want to just give you vague tips so  I’m going to give you some actionable steps that you can reflect on and implement. I’m a huge note taker so here is a little preview of the talking points.
1. Mindset: Employee vs. Entrepreneur/Leader
2. You Must Know Yourself to Grow Yourself
3. Start Where You Are (Don’t Compare Yourself to Others)
4.  Inspiring Leadership
5. Leaders are proactive not reactive

So let’s dive right in.

 1. Mindset: Employee vs. Entrepreneur/Leader

We’re groomed to be great employees- when you’re young, you have your parents & teachers giving you specific direction & if you sway from are reprimanded.  Your taught to follow direction and play by the rules. As you grow up, you work an entry level job where you perform a few simple mundane tasks.
You’re told what to do and how to do it. In a sense, you are a drone. Punch in, satisfy your job requirements, stay out of trouble, punch out.
Everyday people experience this gap between where they are and where they want to be...over time  some people start to forget their dreams...they forget their passions, talents and skills and simply settle in to this employee/boss mentality.
They advance in their career and get good following they are promoted to  tell  OTHERS below them what to do and how to do it. <
This is a dangerous mindset to be in- you can forget about all of your amazing skills, talents and abilities.

You are special, incredible and individual and you have something special to share with the world. Let that shine! Let the beauty that’s inside you come out!!

So what does an entrepreneur or a  leader do to break out of that cycle?

They lead from the front! They don’t sit back and wait for instruction- they leap into action and fail their way into success.  They COACH people and work on bringing out the natural talents and abilities of their team, successes are a team effort, and the lead with PASSION and nurture relationships.
If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re willing to do whatever it takes to reach your goals. You will never punch in and out because your  job will never be done- you’re wired to accomplish more than you’re accomplishing right now. You want to experience more than you’re currently experiencing. If you are an entrepreneur, you’re driven and focused to take that next step. To rise to the next level of greatness.
Entrepreneurs aren’t necessarily concerned with the glamorous. They’re willing to do what few others are willing to do in order to obtain the results that very few ever experience… even if it takes 1...3..5..10 years to build it. Luckily for us, you can build your Beachbody business a lot faster than entrepreneurs who are starting from scratch! z
Employees are paid for TIME spent, entreprenuers are paid for VALUE created! True leaders what customers to walk away feeling like they got a tremendous VALUE! Like they got much more value than they created.
Employess focus on Activity while entrepreneurs focus on creating systems
Employees AVOID fear while Entre. EMBRACE IT
Employees SPEND money while Entre. INVEST it.
So the questions is… what about you? How would you classify yourself? How do you lead in your organization?
Are you just going to ‘follow-the-leader’ and ‘obey’ and ‘do what you need to do to keep your head above water’ and continue to see the same results over and over… or… are you going to take ownership of your business and do whatever it takes to accomplish your goals? Are you going to SHOW your coaches how its done instead of bossing them around?
Most Jobs are led with ‘drone’ leadership. “Yes men”. Employees. I’m not saying lazy people but people that do just enough to stay on the payroll and out of trouble.
When we become entrepreneurs and leaders, it creates an urgency and aggressiveness inside of us that forces us to be bolder in our efforts to reach and help people.
Which one will you be today?

#1 – Find someone who has done what you want to do, achieved what you want to achieve and watch THEM! What makes them interesting, intriguing, successful? If you watch long enough you will see a pattern! SUCCESS LEAVES CLUES!
#2 – Get outside of your comfort zone! If you wake up and don’t get butterflies about what you have to do that day… you are no longer challenging yourself… which means you are NO LONGER GROWING! If you are no longer growing… you are dying in my opinion. Find one way to jump outside of your comfort zone. The danger of being your own boss is no one is going to give you direction and make you do anything. You have to light your own passion on fire!
 2. You Must Know Yourself to Grow Yourself

To grow, you must know your strengths and weaknesses, your interests and opportunities. You must know what DRIVES you!
Get really clear on your mission and what you believe in. If you are not clear, no one else will be either. If you want to grow your team, you must know where you are coming from and what skills you need to develop to become the BEST leader possible.

Now Interestingly enough...most people won’t gravitate toward you because of your 6 pack abs...People gravitate toward your “Why”   The Why is something emotional that they can connect with.
Everyone has a story, a past and obstacles they overcame to get where you are today.
Don’t get caught in the failed thinking of “I’m just a normal person- nothing particularly traumatic has every happened to me so I don't have a story”
Take me for example- Im a girl in my 20s, never had kids, lost 20 lbs with P90X..nothing crazy. I share my struggles with not knowing what to eat, about being so frustrated you resort to the starvation diet and then throw up your hands and decide that I’m just meant to stay fat. I share that I used to take diet pills and workout on the treadmill for 2 hours with no results until I found something that worked.
No matter what your history is….Get clear about who you are and where you’ve been. Use your God Given skills and talents to figure out the best way to share your message.
Once you are clear on this, you can start attracting customer and coaches who want and believe the same things and who share some of the same experiences as you.

Know your passion and start making a game plan! Stand in front of a mirror and really explore who you are and what is important to you and then you can start steering your ship down that path.
My vision is so much bigger than just helping people lose weight. My goal is to help transform their hearts, to instill a belief in them, to revive their dreams and to encourage women to stretch outside of their comfort zone and reach for those big goals!!


– BE CLEAR about what you want and WHY you want it — and then get FOCUSED! (LASER FOCUSED!) Become a marksmen with your goals.
You are your OWN boss! The leader of your development and destiny. You make the rules, you take the action, you determine the results!
When you become a true LEADER...others are inspired by your conviction and follow suit! THAT is how you build a team. That is how you create momentum and THAT is how you change not only YOUR life, but the lives of countless others!
The best leaders share their passion and light the path for others to join them!

 3. Start Where You Are ( And Don’t Compare Yourself to Others)

Leaders don’t make excuses, they focus on the long haul
Prosper where you are planted.  You have tons of opportunity around you. You just have to start recognizing them.  Warning opportunities might look like work! ;P
You have a unique set of skills and talents and it’s all about recognizing and developing your skills to use the opportunities before you.

Don’t get trapped in the “I would be successful IF…”   I would be successful “If I had…” a had a huge team... A ton of friends, a lot of people willing to buy...etc…
The world doesn’t owe you anything and it’s not going to hand you success on a sliver platter.  

You might not have all of the answers, you might not have done all of the training, but just dive right in! I have a brand new coach who hit Emerald and 10 success club points within 6 days of signing up...Why? Because she was willing to just put herself out there and didn’t worry about not having all of the answers.
Jump and you’ll stretch yourself outside of your comfort zone which will help you develop into the leader you need to become to lead a successful team!
You cannot win if you don’t begin!!
If you become aware of the steps you must take and become accountable for the follow will begin to produce the results you want and start inching closer to your goal. The Cool side effect? You start attracting like minded people! People who see your vision!
You want something, you’ve gotta stop with the whining, the procrastinating, the thinking, the planning, the regretting, the ifs ands or buts… and DO SOMETHING about it! Where there seems there is no way… YOU MAKE A WAY

Run your own race! Stop comparing your business/skills/talents to others. Develop a laser focus and control the things that you can control...your actions.
Successful leaders don’t resent other people’s success. They dont become jealous or resentful when others do well (although the might take notes on what that person does well!) They are willing to work hard for their own chance at success. Be in it for the long haul- dont make the mistake of expecting immediate results. Apply your time and energy daily and celebrate the success milestones along the way!


Assess your skills, talents and natural abilities!
Take a look at the resources you have available to you (Google is my fav!!)
List your FAVORITE business building activities

 4.  Inspiring Leadership
Great leaders INSPIRE their team and bring out their best qualities. Being a leader is not about putting greatness into’s about bringing out the inner greatness that is already there!

Are you managing or inspiring?


1.Ignite your Enthusiasm: You cannot inspire unless YOU are inspired! Every inspiring leader is abundanting PASSIONATE ..not about their product but what their product means to customers. Steve Jobs was not passionate about computers...he was passionate about building tools to help people unleash their creativity. Big difference!
2.Navigate a Course of Action: Nothing extraordinary every happened without a leader articulation a vision, a course of action. (Think about JFK & the moon mission) Bold vision creates excitement and inspires
3.Paint a Picture- Our brains are programmed for stories more than abstract ideas. Personal anecdotes can build a closer connection between leaders and their teams(think about how inspiring Lindsay MATways story is)
4.Invite Participation- Invite your coaches to share ideas, empower them to bring their own talents and strengths to the table! Invite them to create videos for coach training and help lead team calls
5.Encourage Potential- encourage your coaches to dream big and share those dreams- share their why and what drives them. Give praise

 5. Leaders are proactive not reactive

What is the difference between proactive and reactive.

A proactive leader can focus on business build activities that create value.
If you spend your day being will live in chaos, at the mercy of others agenda and not only will you not get anything’ll end the day feeling frazzled instead of empowered.

Start your day with PURPOSE!
The Big 3: What are the 3 biggest business building activities you can do?
Encourage your coaches to become independent from you as quickly as possible- teach them how to use the resources available.
Turn of the pings/dings on your cellphone. Close all distractions when working on your Big 3!
Remember, if you fall into “management mode” and stop doing the activities that bring you customers/business…your team will follow suit. They duplicate what you do!

Work past the Frustration and Focus on Building a Healthy, long last foundation for weight loss

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

How many of you eat healthy, workout and follow everything to a T...and then you decide to weigh yourself and nothing has changed so you feel like you want to give up, binge eat, throw your hands up & say...I guess Im just MEANT to be like this !??

**raises hand**

Trust me, I KNOW firsthand how frustrating this journey can be. Sometimes it feels like you're just spinning in circles...not going anywhere

BUT...I am asking you to keep the faith. You can set a goal to have a crazy amazing transformation, to lose weight and fit into your skinny jeans...But to see success and MAINTAIN results....FIRST you must focus on creating healthy habits, putting healthy practices into place and getting your mind right!

The weight wasn't gained right's not going to disappear overnight either...Instead focus on what you can control: a healthy routine, an excitement for your goals and the future built on a SOLID foundation.

I take a weekly accountability pic...not so much to see progress...but more so because it resets my mind each week. It reminds me WHY my goals are important to me...WHY I'm ok skipping the pizza and cupcakes...and WHY I am committed to living a healthy lifestyle
Taking that weekly pic is going to put you in the right mindset and remind you WHY your goals are SO important to you!

Can we all pledge to stop the negative self talk...stop beating yourself up for past mistakes and focus on the AMAZING future that is unfolding before you...YOU are going to CONQUER things you never imagined possible! You are going to Live your BEST life & you are going to INSPIRE others to take action!

Happy Hump Day! Most people start slowing down in the middle of the week...but WE are just getting warmed up!!

How to Do Beachbody Coach Recognition

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

 Click on pics to enlarge them! 

Coach Success Stories

Candice Benoit

2010 I sat on my couch; hagen diiaz in one hand, remote in the other - 9 months post pregnancy watching my boyfriend do 1.5hrs of P90X yoga. I continued to WATCH him succeed and get in the best shape of his life while I looked at my stretched out belly feeling the lowest I had ever felt about myself. 

This past year 2012 I gave birth to my son and decided enough is enough! I've witnessed how effective beachbody programs were first hand with my boyfriend and thought it's time to stop talking about what I am going to do, and start ACTING on it. I had incentive too. My best friends wedding was in a few months and it was drum roll "Destination wedding!" AH! I thought to myself NO way am I going to be the girl in the "mom" bathing suit! 

I had Insanity sitting in my closet and by chance..I stumbled upon my "fairy coach mother" Kati Heifner's page. I'm pretty sure I liked the SKINNY jeans she was wearing in the pic that first caught my attention (haha - I mean come on, us women all do that right?) but regardless I checked out her facebook page and she was a beachbody coach! 

I emailed her and soon after signed up with a free membership and got my first home direct order of chocolate shakeology. I had my struggles with motivation at times but I continued drinking my shakeology every day and it completely changed my eating habits. I was able to plan and make healthier choices, especially knowing I had my amazing chocolate heaven shake to look forward to - it substituted my evening chocolate binges and instead of a junk food hangover; I felt energized and rejuvenated. I sometimes dragged my heels with Insanity, missing days but when I fell down I kept picking myself back up! It wasn't long before I was noticing some INSANE changes in my body! 

After just 30 days of on and off workouts, I went down 3 pant sizes! Everyone was amazed at how great I looked, and more importantly I FELT great! But. Here comes the infamous wagon. One month after I returned from paradise....I fell off...I lost the motivation, and with no incentive I threw all my hard earned work out the window. 

A couple months went by and I started checking back into the Diamonds in the Rough support group. I knew I needed to get back on track but this time I wanted to really challenge myself. This time around I had something more that I didnt have the first time. I had PROOF. Proof that I CAN achieve this goal. I knew 100% that Shakeology was MY driving force to success so that was a no brainer - need my shakes again! So December 15th 2012 I began my journey as a coach!

Initially I thought I would start out as a coach for the discount at the very least - but then I started engaging myself in the diamonds in the rough support group and it really didn't take long before the greater picture really presented itself. I WANT to share this experience! I want to others like me to know that they too CAN achieve great results if they put the work in! I get so much motivation and support from the bombshell dynasty and I feel like everyone should know about this opportunity to be a part of something so special. 

Coaching is just the beginning! I am learning so much about myself - I challenge myself in ways I never did before and I am rediscovering passions and goals that I seemed to let go by the way side. But the greatest reward of all is seeing people get excited about reaching a goal of theirs and being able to help them find the tools to do so. To me, that is what this business is all about. I want my coaches to reach for the stars, challenge themselves and continue to pay it foward by helping more people go after their dreams!

Contact Candice!

Lindsey Stanley

I first signed up as a coach as soon as I tasted Chocolate Shakeology. After seeing the amazing nutrition and health benefits, and discovering how delicious it was (my daily chocolate "milkshake") I signed up as coach to get a discount. I wasn't sure about how the business part would fit in my life at all. Only after Kati plugged me into all of the Facebook support groups and including me in one of her challenge groups did I see what this business really offered to everyone. Beachbody coaches are only interested in helping people, and the results of their help is how their businesses grow. It was amazing to see! I am pretty shy, but I always loved encouraging my friends and family to adopt clean eating principles, exercise, be mentally and physically healthy - and just not give up in life! Seeing that this was exactly what Beachbody is about made me realize that I can be successful in changing people's lives.

I've been pretty hip to fitness and nutrition trends for many years, and always shared that information with others. But, I obviously never found the right formula for me - something I can stick with. I was a big Jillian Michael's fan, but... I never got real results because my diet wasn't right. I was 155 lbs. (considered skinny by all my co-workers and friends, but at 5'7", I really wasn't) when I was given Brazil Butt Lift by my friend. Looking for a workout schedule led me to Kati Heifner's blog, Shakeology, and then coaching! Kati provided me the Bombshell Nutrition Plan (based on clean eating principles) and after 6 weeks of eating clean and working out, I lost 15 lbs. and over 3 inches! I also gained awesome leg muscles that you can see! I became a product of the product! Seeing this, my sister signed up as a coach, began drinking Shakeology, and Turbo Fired her body into amazing results. I also have helped a co-worker change her eating habits to clean eating and that alone has helped her lose over 30 lbs. in just 2-1/2 months. Even my mom now is looking into changing her habits for good and getting healthy!

At first, family and friends who were NOT on board. At work, I got made fun of for always eating! Clean eating has you eating every 2-3 hours, and it's actually a lot of food. I heard a lot of, "How are you going to lose weight eating all that food!" There was always someone bringing in treats and candy, and not accepting the first i "No thanks". It took a lot to move past the lack of support. I also have two little girls to feed! They were used to a lot of healthy meals, but were sad that my meatloaf and buttery mashed potatoes were out of rotation (at least until I started looking for clean recipes).

I also work full-time and go to school full-time, so my workouts were done at about 10:30-11:00 at night! The constant support from Kati and our facebook challenge group kept me going until I completed the program. I was so happy I did.

My hope for my team: To not give up on themselves and continue this journey for the rest of their lives. I hope to give them the support and encouragement I got from the awesome Bombshell Dynasty team. I hope that they share their experiences with as many people as they can. There success is because someone (me) shared with them. We all need to pay it forward!

My favorite part is the team I am a part of.  I'm not in this alone!!  Any questions, concerns, worries, happiness, is shared and there is always someone there to help me out.  People I have never met have been some of the best supporters of my journey.  I credit this connection as THE reason I was successful and continue to improve my health and fitness.

I definitely recommend it for anyone who seriously wants to change their own life and help others do the same!  Becoming a coach means being a product of the product.  And the sooner you do it, the sooner you start changing yourself!

Connect with me:

Kelly Bonnell
Please help me celebrate the latest Bombshell Rank advancement! Miss Kelly Bonnell just advanced to Emerald rank! She is a passionate wife and mother of one and she recently just got her PiYo certification so that she can start teaching classes. She leads from the front and strives to set the example. I can always count on her to recharge my inspiration xoxox 

Congratulations! Let’s start from the beginning! Why did you decide to sign up as a coach and what does this opportunity mean to you?
I bought Insanity online, started going through the program and after every video saw the "you can be a coach" videos, started researching it and really couldn't find much negatives, they were there, but the overwhelming positives cancelled them out. I got my own awesome coach who just inspired me even more and made me believe that I could also achieve the level of success that the entire team was working towards and I made the plunge and signed up! 

2. How has your life changed as a result of coaching and being a product of the product?In becoming a coach and a product of the product, I realize that I am more accountable to myself and to others. I realize how many excuses I used to feed myself everyday just because I was too lazy to actually follow through with anything. I am more positive, healthy, and helpful than I've ever been in my life.
3. As an Emerald, you are building your team! What do you hope to pass down to your coaches?I hope to be able to pass down the amazing sense of team that I have seen being executed in this teams day to day activities. I hope to be able to inspire them just by the way I choose to carry out my life and my conversations. I want them to believe in themselves, to hit the ground running and never look back!

4. What advice do you have for people contemplating joining as a coach?
DO IT NOW! Seriously don't wait! The faster you sign up the faster you can start improving your life!

5. What has been your favorite part of this journey?
Watching my mind, and heart grow. I have more compassion for people in general, and I feel the need to reach out more. Instead of what about ME? It's how can I help YOU? And it extends further than just let me help you lose weight and get in shape. I want to help everyone with everything.. you need help moving.. call me.. you need help with your kids.. call me lol

6. Connect with Kelly Bonnell:

Kasey Wooten

Another Bombshell makes it to EMERALD rank! Miss Kasey Wooten is the sweet southern belle on the team. I remember when she first messaged me asking for accountability. She has to work EXTRA hard at her fitness with her thyroid condition but she never lets that get her down and she's had an INCREDIBLE transformation  Since then...she has been such a LIGHT on our team...always with a word of inspiration and a smile. She brings joy with her everywhere that she goes. Somehow she balances her adorable daughter, a husband, work, school and does it all with a smile. Love ya girl! Congrats!! xoxo

Congratulations! Let’s start from the beginning! Why did you decide to sign up as a coach and what does this opportunity mean to you?

I decided to sign up as a coach because I wanted to help change lives with support and encouragement! I wanted to help others like my coach helped me. I knew it would also help keep me accountable and on track with my new-found lifestyle!

How has your life changed as a result of coaching and being a product of the product?
I am realizing some strengths I had that I never realized before! I have been able to toss out medications, shop for new clothes, and gain a new respect for my body physically and mentally! I enjoy with all my heart helping others and watching them reach their goals! It is the best feeling EVER! I am happier, have a more positive outlook, and feel more fulfilled!

As an Emerald, you are building your team! What do you hope to pass down to your coaches?

I hope I pass down to them to ALWAYS be encouraging and supportive. It is so sad to me that all people need is some support, and their lives can change dramatically and they successfully reach their goals!! Think about it, support equals success in every area of life: school, relationships, work, heck even in elections! WIthout support people get no where and I think we forget that! We may not be able to relate to what someone has been through, but we can relate to how support has changed our life, and how it can change theirs!!

What advice do you have for people contemplating joining as a coach?
My advice would be it really helps you stay accountable along your journey. I think it is an amazing opportunity if your heart is on fire for helping others!! You cannot be a selfish person and be a successful coach. It is all about paying it forward. Someone out there is in your shoes right now and they are looking for your help!

What has been your favorite part of this journey?
My favorite part of this journey has been the people I have met. They are all so amazing and hold a special place in my heart! I feel like I have learned something important from every single person! I love my beachbody family! They are so supportive and I know I will be friends with some of these people forever!

Connect with Kasey!

Tammy Fitchett

Congratulations to Miss Tammy Fitchett on reaching EMERALD rank! Tammy is one of the most dedicated hard working, supportive and loving moms that I know. Every time I talk to her I get a BIG DOSE of motivation and she ALWAYS tells it like it is! No sugar coating with this one =) If you want RESULTS, she will get them. I'm really excited to share her story...because you'll want to remember her name! Beachbody LEADER BOARDS watch out! She is coming for you!

Pregnant with her little girl!

1. Why did you sign up as a coach and what does the opportunity mean to you?

The reason I signed up as a coach, well at first it was for the discount of shakeology and I really liked the idea of helping people. However, at the time the discount of Shakeology was more appealing.

2. How has your life changed as a result of coaching and being a product of the product?

P90X Results (Left) ****Before Pic (Right)

I really like this question. My life has change in SO many ways. Coaching has provided me this really cool opportunity to see myself in a truly different perspective. Yeah I had the physical transformation, but what really had the biggest change was the personal growth that I did on the inside. Who would have thought I would be able to really have to address my self doubt. At times we have all these little things inside us making us question whether we are really able to achieve goals that we set or can I really run my own business. I really had to challenge my own comfort zone in so many ways. For instance, changing the way I eat. I never thought I could ever get to the point of having a fridge full of healthy options, instead of convenient foods. However, today if you looked it would be full of things that grow from the earth and take time to ripen.
This has become a wonderful way of life. Being a product of the product means welcoming change (whoa!), challenging my comfort zone and not setting limitations.

3. As an Emerald, you are building your team! What do you hope to pass down to your coaches?
I would have to say the biggest thing I want to pass down is being self reliant. As in, we can not always depend on someone to be there fore us, or encourage us, motivate us, or carry us. There is a matter of self assurance that we MUST develop, because if we do not we could easily slip back to the comfort zone. However, if we really become self reliant, truly taking ownership of who we are, and Valuing ourselves and you will succeed. Do to the fact there will not be any compromising of US.

4. What advice do you have for people contemplating joining as a coach?

           I would say definitely do it! Why? Well aside from the $40 initial coaching fee, the $15 dollars a month is a great reminder of not wasting money on junk. You may not be ready immediately but others can grow from watching you take the first step in becoming healthy!
5.  What has been you favorite part of this journey?

           The entire ride! The ups or working out the downs of lazy days and still pushing through. I was really able to see how “struggles build endurance” and the importance of making my own way!

6.  Connect with Tammy Fitchett,







Ashleigh Severson

Congratulations! Let’s start from the beginning! Why did you decide to sign up as a coach and what does this opportunity mean to you?

1. I decided to sign up as a coach because I wanted to be a product of the product. Knowing that "pushing play" everyday would help people see the magic of Beachbody and inevitably help my business grow, motivated me and held me accountable to my workouts. This opportunity means a chance at financial freedom. Even though I plan on taking my business with Beachbody to a level where I do not have to have a full time job, I still want to get my degree. Graduating from college has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember and finances are the only thing holding me back. Beachbody is giving me the opportunity to pursue that degree, pay off my current student debt and regain my independence by moving in to my own place.

How has your life changed as a result of coaching and being a product of the product?

2. I am finally comfortable in my own skin! Beachbody and becoming a "product of the product" has helped me stay on track with my health and fitness. Yes, I still have days where I have to make a "U-turn" in order to get back on track, but the Beachbody family (especially my fantastic Bombshell Dynasty and coach Kati Heifner) make it easy to re-commit and find motivation.

As an Emerald, you are building your team! What do you hope to pass down to your coaches?

3. As I begin to grow my team as an Emerald coach I hope to teach my coaches that it is okay to start off slow. My first check from Beachbody was from one Shakeology HD sale, but with hard work and determination and great advice from my coach, every check has gotten bigger. Also, I want my coaches to know the importance of communicating with their upline coaches and always having an open ear to the coaches in their downline. Everything I have learned has been from my fabulous coach Kati Heifner and her coach Lindsay Matway. Kati has become like a sister to me, it is friendships like ours that make Beachbody's magic really shine!

What advice do you have for people contemplating joining as a coach?

4. Biggest advice to people interested in signing up as a coach is DO NOT HESITATE! It took me a little longer to sign up than what it should and I look back and feel like I wasted so much time!! There are so many people out there who need help, why wait another minute to help them!!! Not to mention, it motivates you to get in, and stay in, the best shape of your life! Win Win for all!

What has been your favorite part of this journey?
5. My favorite part if this journey has been connecting with the other coaches. The Bombshell Dynasty is more than just a team, it is a FAMILY! I get so excited when I have a message or a text or a call from any of the Dynasty members or my coach. And if I had not had started this journey I may have never had the opportunity to help a dear friend in my life, Laurie Fike, who also was my very first coach. Having her on my team and in my family has been a true blessing and has given us the chance to reconnect with each other!

If you are one of my coaches or in my downline, join my new coach training camp here:

How to Access The Coach Training Academy (CTA)

The CTA, known as Coach Training Academy will teach you the foundation of your Beachbody Business. This is where you learn the A, B, Cs and then I teach you how to implement want you have learned!
The lessons are not sexy...but RESULTS are! If you want to have a solid grasp on what you should be doing or focus on, then you need to make a commitment to completing this.

I can't make you do them, but I can tell you this...Every coach who is seeing success with their business will tell you they completed the CTA. Why scramble and try to figure everything out on your own when there are tools to help you? 

It's your first introduction and overview of the business, what it's about, the online office, your websites, etc.

Break it down into manageable chunks. Don't try to do it in one sitting- your brain will be mush by the end lol  

If you're BUSY enough as it is:

  • take 15-20 minutes a day (or more if you can) and do it once a day until you are finished
If you're ready to HIT the GROUND SPRINTING 
  • knock it out ASAP -- make it a top priority. Schedule a few lessons a day!

To access the CTA: visit your TBB profile, make sure you are logged in, go the 'COACH' tab and click 'COACH ONLINE OFFICE', then click 'News and Training' and 'Coach Training Academy'

Step 1:

Step 2:

Now, get to it! =)

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