Should I order the 21 Day Fix Ultimate Dvds?

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Should you order the 21 Day Fix Ultimate Dvds?  
First let me preface this by saying, the program is amazing on it's own. I know I like more variety with my workouts so I went for it and I'm really glad that I did. 

What workouts come in the 21 Day Fix Ultimate DVD?
You get 2 workouts to target your trouble spots:
  • Flat Abs Fix
    Burn off the fat and get tight, flat abs with this 30-minute workout that helps tone your core and lose the muffin top. No one wants Muffin top! 
  • Barre Legs Tone your lower body fast with this 30-minute workout designed to sculpt and define your hips, thighs, and glutes.
You have the option of JUST ordering the Ultimate DVDs OR you can get the "Ultimate Upgrade" which includes the DVD plus tools to simplify your life:

  • Large 21 Day Fix Container
    Great for work, school, or any busy lifestyle, this large container is the perfect to-go size for everyone. Use it to mix your separate 21 Day Fix containers into one convenient, perfectly portioned meal. When eating is this easy, you'll have no problem sticking to your plan.
  • Resistance Band* 
    Burn fat and sculpt a lean body faster with our lightweight pro-grade resistance band. This band is used in several 21 Day Fix workouts to help tone your muscles and boost your metabolism.
  • A FREE 21 Day Fix Insulated Tote Bag Keep all your portion-controlled foods in one simple place! Take this beautiful tote bag to work, school, or play, and you'll never miss a healthy, delicious, perfect-sized meal. It's insulated to help your food stay fresh for hours

The schedule that comes with the 21 Day Fix Base Kit 
gives you the option to add in the Ultimate workouts so you can decide when you are ready to spice things up and try something new.

Ok so what is 21 Day Fix: Barre Legs like? It reminded me A LOT of Brazil Butt Lift: High & Tight which just so happens to be me FAVORITE workout ever. That's the one I will do when I don't feel like working out. lol

Some of the moves you do...all of the good booty ones of course!

Some floorwork (see picture) They Don't use ankle weights, but I added them because I am familiar with these moves & wanted the extra resistance.
I've gotta say...but the legs were SHAKING!
Squats without weights don't seem intimidating...until you do them...and then pulse for 30 seconds...and then HOLD it for 30 seconds haha 

I say...if you are going to give this program your all and you want some more variety OR if you are going to do multiple rounds of the 21 day Schedule...then YES you will want it!

21 DAY FIX MAIN PAGE (with every option) 
21 Day Fix Main Page

What do I recommend to get started? 
If I could talk to the girl who is in the same shoes that I was three years ago...I would tell her...
#1 Just get started, stop worrying about failing! The days go by whether you do anything to improve your body/health/fitness or not so you might as well just try
#2 Don't get overwhelmed. I wish I had a program like this when I started because the P90X Nutrition guide might as well have been chinese! haha Keep it simple and focus on eating REAL food! 
#3 Practice makes perfect and you will get better over time. You didn't hop on a bike for the first time and just go. Allow yourself time to learn the moves (it helps to workout in front of a mirror)
#4 Nutrition is key! Set yourself up for success and if you have to eat on the least have a healthy option to grab (my go-to is shakeology) 

If you are just getting started or you need things simple and laid out...Get the 21 Day Challenge Pack. It has everything you need & it's on promo if you order it in the month of Feb.
Yes, it's on backorder because people are going crazy for it so while you wait for it to get can email me to help you get started with some better eating habits.
If you order through the link below, I will be your assigned Coach and I can help guide you through the program. 

No matter which workout program you pick....or whether you get the Ultimate dvds...just remember WHY your goals are so important to you. Don't allow minor obstacles to distract you from your goals- You've got this!!