Monday, April 28, 2014

Going after goals can be SCARY!
Whether you are trying to lose weight...building a business...trying something new...working on your relationships...
It can de challenging...but remember...the biggest challenge is erasing SELF DOUBT. That nasty little thing that holds us back!
What we say to ourselves and what we believe becomes our reality. The first step to success is to truly believe in ourselves!
You can still be a "positive person" who has negative beliefs. If your inner voice is feeding you doubt...even the most optimistic person can fall short of their goals.
Big Dreams require BELIEF!! Belief in yourself: I CAN DO THIS! I WILL do this. I am smart. I am successful. I am deserving. I am kind. I am lovable. I am unstoppable. I can. I will.
Erase self doubt! You are amazing & you've got this!!
When you get frustrated, just take a deep breath, and repeat after me: " I can do this"