Twin Beds in a Guest Room?

Sunday, July 13, 2014

This has nothing to do with clean eating or fitness, but bare with me haha Ever since we moved into our new house, I've been dreaming of one of the guest rooms.
Something about the configuration and the paint color (I went with Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore) is just so romantic and girly to me.
I almost feel like I have to opt for the "Two Twin Bed Guest Room". Am I crazy?

Pros: Looks fabulous! Very versatile with guests- we do have two additional rooms that can be furnished with a Queen or King bed. When family comes to visit, this would be a great room for kids, singles, heck even married couples might appreciate their own space to stretch out lol
And there are tons of options with how to arrange the room- I like to change things up every once in awhile!
Two twins doesn't mean kiddish looking. I plan to make it very elegant and grown up chic.

Cons: Twice the linens to wash! lol

I'm torn about the confirmation of the room though...It's deeper than it is wide.  If I put the beds against the focal wall, there is less room for a dresser in between (it would have to be a nightstand instead).

If I put the beds against the longer wall, they aren't the focal point of the room and it loses a lot of the "look" I adore. 

I've been giving a lot of thought to the bed I would want in there...for some reason I keep coming back to this style. (see below) 

Restoration Hardware:
Marceline offers a more feminine take on the simplicity and restraint of late 18th-century furnishings. We employed arched details and cabriole legs to impart a sense of grace and added padded linen upholstery for lasting comfort.
So feminine and romantic! I love! 
While I love the look of all fabric & tufted headboards, I worry that they aren't as durable. How do you clean them (spot-treat please)...and as much as I love them, I think I would get tired of that style after awhile. This bed feels more timeless. 

Back to the "Two Twin Dilemma"

I found some fun inspiration on Pinterest

Who says twin beds can't be classy and grown up??
This room doesn't have a lot of sq footage, but it still looks cute and cozy! That gives me hope. It would be difficult to make these beds though...
Photo from Pinterest 
Credit: Country Living

Thoughts? Would you might staying in a guest room with twins?