Monday, December 29, 2014

THE most impactful transformation I've had was NOT a physical one... but rather a change in my mindset. While the physical changes have been amazing, I have become a happier, more patient, kind person because I don't wake up every morning dreading work.

I don't do a countdown on my days off, multiplying my anxiety with every every passing hour, waiting to go to a stressful job that left me unfulfilled.

When I first found Beachbody, my goal was to try to get through P90X and feel better about my body...but I found so much more.

First of all, I found out P90X is HARD haha
But I found an opportunity to alleviate financial stress. I found an opportunity to work towards a healthy body, mind and spirit....surround myself with positive like-minded people (and distance myself from the toxic friends who would put cupcakes on my desk! haha)...and FINALLY align my PASSION with my purpose to empower other women & girlbosses.
You have the POWER to change any and every aspect of your life.
In 2010, I needed a complete overhaul!

Success is not sexy, convenient, or easy. It takes discipline and a constant reminder of your VISION. You have to show up every single day & make those small decisions...that eventually add up to a future of your design.

We all have reasons  (the polite word for EXCUSES) about why we can't make changes..... You work full-time, the kids are sick, the dog is sick, you're too far gone, you're scared, you don't have time/energy/money...

Instead of thinking about all of the reasons why you can't....think about the ONE reason you CAN.

In those tough moments, when I would rather skip a workout and curl up on the couch.... I VISUALIZED a scale (you know the scales of justice? :P) On one side, I put the comfortable lazy couch time.... and on the other side...I put FREEDOM

And I am living proof that it's POSSIBLE to pull yourself out of a demoralizing job to follow your heart

It might as well be 2015 already because I am FULL STEAM AHEAD! I've been passionately working on a new training series


21 days to RE-DEFINE your life & connect to your PASSIONATE purpose!

This is NOT for the person looking for easy street. It's for the person who is willing to put the "My Right now" vs "My Future" on those scales of justice....and chose YOUR FUTURE.

The very first TEST group starts Jan 5th!

To be considered for my initial Jan 5th test group, please complete the application below!


((NOTE: Not accepting current coaches as this time. ))

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  1. Thanks for your constant inspirations, Katie! I am reading a book you might like about Resolutions. It's not about New Year's resolutions but about life resolutions. It's called Resolved by Orrin Woodward. You can check it out on my website: lifeleadership.com/61430198