Create a Vision: Gratitude Intentions

Thursday, January 1, 2015


I have a little assignment for you's called {Gratitude Intentions}

Visualize what you want to accomplish in 2015...what inspires you to move forward? What would your IDEAL life look like?
Imagine we are 365 days in the future! Write yourself a letter about what you have achieved as though it has ALREADY happened.

Ex: I am able to stay at home with my family. We are going on a family vacation for the first time in years! I am in the best shape of my life & have regained my confidence! I bought a new car! I am able to provide for my family without the stress of overdrawing my bank account. I helped 50 women transform their lives this year!

This works for a few reasons:
1. By associating your desires with things that have already come to pass, you’re making them feel much more likely and believable. Great for your subconscious!
2. You’re sending a powerful message to the Universe about what you want in your life and your positive expectations (the Universe loves clarity and positive energy).
3. On the not-so-great days, which are bond to happen, pull out your letter and get re-inspired! Remember why you are doing this!

Dream big and imagine your best life. Dig deep - what would be inspiring beyond belief!

Stay clear and focused about where you are going so nothing deters. Obstacles don't mean you give up on your just means you have to find the deter

Visualize, stay consistent and enjoy the journey !

Can't wait to see your letters!