Old Ways Won't Open New Doors

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Have you thought about making some changes? 

Focusing on your health and fitness.
Tapping into your potential to inspire & build others up.
Maximizing your natural talents & creating a future of FREEDOM.

I love the quote, "Old ways won't open new doors." I was guilty of continuing to do the same things & expecting a different outcome.

With my weight loss, I kept trying quick fixes and was disappointed when they didn't work or the results didn't last.

With my job, I was putting in the same work but expecting new opportunities/advancements.

In the last few years, I’ve learned SO much as a coach. It all started with P90X and a desire to lose 20 lb. The journey wasn’t always easy, but overcoming those hurdles proved (to myself) that I am capable of more. MUCH MORE than clocking in everyday and biding my time.

It gave me confidence & fueled my belief to build a business. The decision to sign up as a coach dramatically changed my life. It has blessed me in so many ways from financial freedom & paying off all debt, traveling to my heart’s content, finding my passion, pouring into my relationships, creating a future of FREEDOM for my family, and having an incredible GIFT to share with others.

I want to pay it forward - to help more people build a successful business while prioritizing their health & family.

I’m looking for 10 go-getters who are READY for change - ready to take those first steps toward a life of freedom. People who are DRIVEN, COMPASSIONATE, FUN, WANT to HELP others, & who KNOW deep-down, they were MEANT for something MORE!

I will teach out the ins & outs. I will share my personal experience (and mistakes I made along the way haha) I know what it takes to succeed & I’m excited to help you create a platform for success.

You will have a spot in my NEW COACH MENTORSHIP training- You can expect training on daily basis, small group video trainings, and one-on-one encouragement as you learn the ropes. Your responsibility will be to CHECK-IN to the online group daily & show up for the virtual training sessions.

I'm the happiest I've ever been because of what I have the opportunity to do every day. My family is healthy, financially free & PREPARED for our future. THAT is what I want for you.

I'm only selecting 10 new coaches total. SO, if you want to be considered for one of the spots BEFORE JULY 20th, go fill out this application & click to join the group!

Know someone who may a good fit? Tag them below! This could DEFINITELY change the course of your family's life!

APPLY HERE: http://bit.ly/JoinGirlbossDynasty

**This is not for current coaches. Please do not apply if you are already working with a coach**