Black Friday: Dream Facilitator

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Can we talk about BLACK FRIDAY for a min?  

I've seen a lot of posts in my newsfeed today about insane fist fights...or cautioning you not to feed the corporate machine ...etc..

I wanted to share my experience and how this crazy shopping event actually really helped me at a time in my life when I was feeling STUCK 

First and foremost, I agree that it's outrageous (and disgusting) that anyone would throw punches or hurt another person to get a sale. 
I also agree that you shouldn't shop just to fill an emotional void or rack up credit card debt just to buy STUFF.

For MANY years (EIGHT in fact), I not only worked Black Friday but I was one of the crazy people out shopping before my shift LOL

My mom would buy a few newspapers...spread out all of the ads and coupons...and we would plot out our game plan. Mom is a MASTER at shopping the sales and would knock out most of our family gift shopping that night. 
For me, it was an EXCITING/invigorating experience spent standing in line with my mom and cocoa in hand...laughing...talking....and having the best time. 

I have some of the fondest memories waking up BEFORE the crack of dawn with my family. For a family of insomniacs, we thrive in late night/early morning shopping sprees haha

In 2010, I had JUST signed up as a coach. Trying to use my phone (in my PRE-Iphone days) to build my Beachbody business was so frustrating. 
I was STUCK in my retail job- but I saw Beachbody as my way out.
I desperately needed a computer ...but I didn't have a lot of money just floating around. Since I wasn't able to get a credit card or finance a computer, I had to figure something out. 

Thankfully I was able to work quite a bit of overtime and I earned a holiday bonus from work. 
Laptops were still well out of my price range... so I waited until Black Friday... recruited my mom and siblings to help me... and they braved WALMART on Black Friday with me.

I was able to purchase this HP laptop for about $300! Yes, missed out on sleep that night to go to a store....yes I waited in crazy lines...
But...I got to spend time with my family and they helped me purchase this tool so I could work toward my goals. 
 I'm forever grateful to my brother for helping me snag this baby!

I was able to use this $300 brick to build a SIX FIGURE INCOME business from my KITCHEN TABLE. 
This computer lasted me well over 3 years (which in laptop world is an ETERNITY haha)
It helped me lay a solid foundation for my PASSION helped connect me to other women who needed help with their fitness or who wanted to become their own boss.  

I guess what I'm trying to say is...YES...a lot of awful things can happen on Black Friday.  And can promote a culture of consumption... 

BUT I prefer to think about the people whose dreams became tangible because they are able to afford a much needed computer or piece of equipment... or the family who can afford to buy the stove they desperately need because it's marked down... or the christmas gifts  (they wouldn't otherwise be able to afford) under the tree for their children/ loved ones 

Do you have a "laptop story"? Something you were able to purchase during a holiday sale that made a world of difference for you?  =) 

 To make Legal Happy: =) 
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