Finding an Easy (and Fun) Balance Between Health and Fitness

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Fall is my FAVORITE time of the year... besides the obvious reasons (weather, leaves, coziness, the BEST clothing & my birthday of course)

....It's the time of year I started (and completed) my transformation with Brazil Butt Lift & P90X

What crazy person commits to a workout program during arguably the most challenging time of year (Oct/Nov/Dec)?

This girl

I wasn't a fitness expert or even fitness enthusiast...but I did have a DESIRE to be learn how to eat right... and to be able to confident in my own skin...

So while everyone else was munching on Halloween candy...prepping for a big gravy laden Thanksgiving...and Christmas cookies galore...

...I was getting my daily workouts in
...planning & prepping my food
...enjoying sweet treats in MODERATION

...and slowly but surely...week after week...I was seeing RESULTS (both on the scale & in my abilities!)

Was it easy? Actually no, it wasn't.

But I've learned some things along the way that have been things EASIER. I've also learned that the secret ingredient to success is some good ole fashioned accountability.

So..if you happen to be crazy like me...if you want to feel GOOD in family holiday pics...or are simply FED UP with the way you've been doing things...

....I'm hosting my next fitness accountability group. A fun, easy balance between HEALTH and LIFE.

This program will incorporate a lot of the things that help ME stay on track (from easy to decipher recipes, tips on meal prep, LAUGHTER & FUN, accountability, and of course..the support of a sisterhood).

If you THINK this MIGHT be the thing to help you get out of your funk, then I am your wingwoman.

This is a no pressure situation (I love to work with women who are EXCITED- so I will never push you before you're ready  )

ALL of my coaches & customers welcome. If you are currently working with a coach, please check in with them to see what kind of wellness programs they offer