Babymoon in Maui!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

AHHH! IT's officially OFFICIAL! Next month, we are headed on our BUCKETLIST dream vacation to MAUI for our BABYMOON!
Last year, I canceled a lot of trips...from the Beachbody the Cali Leadership event. It's ALWAYS an incredible honor and blessing to be rewarded with those things, but I made the decision to focus on my life and my baby Winston. Instead of postponing his eye surgery, we stayed home to care for him.

So then I was really excited to join my Beachbody FAM in PUNTA CANA next month on the trip I earned. We had a BEAUTIFUL suite ready to go... BUT then we found out we're expecting a baby girl!
...So we made the decision to cancel because of ZIKA. (To be honest, it's prob a REALLY good thing I didn't end up back in Punta Cana because I would have come home with more dogs haha)

Growing up, we never traveled much. We never went on super nice vacations... Camping & family reunions were the name of the game..sprinkled with some beach trips in there.

So now to have the 1) FREEDOM 2) FINANCES 3) HEALTH 4) CHOICE to go where I want...when I want...and travel HOW I never less than ASTONISHING to me.

I CANNOT wait for this TRIP with my love/baby daddy and babybump in tow! hehe

Since we share our Gender Reveal LIVE...I was wondering if you would want to TUNE in for some MAUI fun LIVE!?
We have a helicopter tour planned, awesome oceanfront rooms and bungalows and a JEEP to explore the island! It's going to be a lot of fun!

IF YOU'VE BEEN TO MAUI, WHAT WERE YOUR FAVORITE sights, activities, places, to-dos, restaurants etc...? you know of a photographer, makeup artist? We plan on doing some BABYMOON pics while there!
Can't wait to share it all!

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