My New Love- Ground Turkey

Friday, February 18, 2011

I've never been a big fan of's always been a struggle for me. But I recently discovered the joys of ground turkey, and the nice thing is turkey goes well with a lot of veggies! Since I'm not a great cook, I like to keep things simple, so here goes nothing.....

Step 1: Cook Ground Turkey (1 lb)  :) I put a little but of black pepper in there with it because it always seems to make it taste better. After it was cooked, I drained out any liquid using a colander. Yay! I'm learning kitchen tools!
 Step 2: I don't have a picture, but I chopped up 1 container of mushrooms, 1 orange pepper and 1 yellow pepper. Normally I go for the red peppers....but they were out!?!? Anyway, I threw them all in a separate cooking spray or oil and cranked up the heat....I figure let's see what happens lol Guess what....they turned out awesome! I threw a lid on it and swirled them around a couple times...but other than that, they basically cooked themselves!

 Step 3: This is where things got a little experimental....I added 2/3 cup water and let it heat up.  Then I added a dash of garlic powder, some chili pepper, and a dash of cumin, paprika, and onion powder.  I'm sure there is a seasoning recipe out there...but I was feeling adventurous!

 Step 4: Mix it all together with fingers crossed.....

Step 5:  More mixing....have to taste test as well.....delicious! PS I dont know why the colors look so weird...but trust me, it looked wayyy better in person!

Step 6: Heat up tortilla, add spinach...

 Step 7: Roll up and enjoy!! I was surprised at how delicious this was! And it only took me 30 min to make from start to finish (including loading the dishwasher!)  If there is one thing I learned about cooking this year, it would be to do the dishes right away! It saves you so much time in the end. Plus I dont know if anyone is as big as a baby as me....but if I dont clean a tupperwear container right away and it gets funky....guess what...the garbage can is your new home. I don't do well with food remnants lol 

I refrigerated the rest which I plan to enjoy for the rest of the weekend. It was definitely a hearty and tasty lunch. I highly recommend it! I think next time, I will slice up some tomatoes to put in my wrap....or maybe add a little salsa to keep it interesting.

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